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Australia batted like bowl cancer while India got their shit together.


Must have been pissing themselves at how easy the first session was, but once the wickets fell having a tailender coming in at 6 was a mistake.  Must be commended for the tremendous way they batted while being in a coma.


The collection of moody misanthropic motherfuckers that India sent out in the first session was interesting.  However, purposefully injuring Ishant Sharma was the best thing they could have ever done.  Then they rode the slow cheap Ojha train to stumps.

Who’s in front

India should be every pleased.  After one session they were out locked out of the house, by the end they had shimmied through the window, taken out the alarm, and were looking for the breakfast cereal.

Play of the day

Sending someone off who was run out when you had nothing to do with it and they are looking the other way is a dick move.  However, when you do a dick move to a dick, is it still a dick move.  I’m not really sure, but the Khan and Ponting incident seemed funny to me.

Testicular moment of the day

Shane Watson is a special case.  Even on his best day no one really wants to give him credit, but this was a solid test innings.  It wasn’t brilliant, and he didn’t give Australia the momentum that could have crushed India, but without him Australia would be almost out of this game.  If you’d said to me 2 years ago that Watson would open up this seriesette with a treacle like hundred when opening the batting, I would have smeared mustard on your face and run off screaming.  Now, it seems about right.

Working class moment of the day

I’ve always loved the curve of Pragyan Ojha, he is almost Raju like when delivering the ball.  In T20 cricket I think he can be the hardest bowler in world cricket to get away, I didn’t really think that miserly stuff would work as well in test cricket.  Today, it worked like buggery. He kept India in the match when the other three were donating runs, but 31 overs without a wicket, when you only go for 39 runs, is harsh man.  Hopefully he picks some cheap ones up at the end, because this guy deserved wickets.

Weird factoid of the day

For the 19th time after a Marcus North dismissal I considered killing someone. Him.

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4 thoughts on “previously at mohali

  1. Rishabh says:

    300-ish on the cards, I think.

  2. jogesh99 says:

    What-ho is doing a Mongia at the Kotla. And that led to a win.

  3. hi says:

    I was put to sleep, T20s are way better. Hope sehwag brings some entertainment, he is the last hope for test cricket. Curse watson

  4. Dustbinner says:

    Man, could Shane Watson have moved any slower? I was willing to do something, anything dammit!!! But yes, can’t complain about the final run tally. It’ll probably turn out to be all important.

    I love marcus north. Most of the time. For no good reason.

    Today I hate him. For very good reason.

    I promise to keep the cops busy for a while if you want to knock him off.

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