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Australia took it so slow their date almost left and India had the panties off before they got inside.


The way Australia has batted in India over the last few series makes you feel like the place has a different gravitational pull.  Somehow they still found their way to 420odd, which is something.  It was determined, but like watching someone constipated sitting on a toilet.


Had the opportunities to bowl Australia out for 250.  But catching was not their thing.  Ofcourse with Sehwag in your team bad fielding and odd captaincy are quickly forgotten.  Still have a way to go, but could be in front by stumps if things go right for them.

Who’s in front

420 is still 420, but, it seems that only luck and recreational drugs could be the reason for India not making this total.  So it is pretty level, in fact, it has been a pretty level test so far.

Play of the day

Sehwag gave us a brief sermon, but then went out.  It happens.  He wasn’t happy though, and walked off the field hitting his own head with his fist.  Not enough players do that.

Testicular moment of the day

India looked flat and bored in the field, but test matches don’t start for them till Sehwag walks in.  54 balls is all he was in for.  It made a statement, and it certainly got India out of a funk. Special mention to Mitchell Johnson for batting like he had a pulse.

Working class moment of the day

It has been 11 tests since Brad Haddin made more than 92 runs.  He is 7 years older than Tim Paine.  So was Paine 8 runs away from a permanent test place?  He now has three innings to show he is the future and Brad Haddin was just a dream I had when I overdosed on cough medicine.

Best comment of the day

“They really enjoy their cricket here in India” Brad Hogg.

Weird factoid of the day

Sehwag has made half centuries in a record equaling 11 tests in a row, in a stunning coincidence I have haderections during all 11 tests.

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2 thoughts on “previously at mohali

  1. amudhan says:

    I swear i heard Arun Lal say on live TV, “Mitchell Johnson is very effective when he is reversing & he can really take the big ones”

  2. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    This Ojha person has really impressed me. Add to that Dhoni sporting the ears of my grandfather, and Ishant’s phenomenal hairdo, and you could think that… no.

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