balls profile: mike hussey

The greatest anomaly in the matrix ever, the former king probot started his career so well that it was impossible to trust in reality.  Then, he became shit, and we all bought it again.  Now he is somewhere in the middle. His batting swings between saving Australia in matches they shouldn’t win, and looking like he is only walking out to make a duck.  Considering his often great performances are against Pakistan, it is amazing he has never been looked into by the ICC. His batting has more nerdish intensity than a twilight/star trek crossover convention.

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5 thoughts on “balls profile: mike hussey

  1. Vim says:


    It’s not his fault he is an old farrrrrt who is losing the plot.

    Oh no, that’s Punter.

    It’s not his fault he shouldn’t have been chosen as he was never good enough… oh no, that’s North.

    It’s not his fault he’s getting found out as an opener this year….. oh no, that’s Watson.

    Who were you writing about again?

  2. Marzipan_Alex says:

    Twilight convention?

  3. Ram5160 says:

    All Hail King 3981,51.03
    One king to rule them all
    Down with jrod
    We re coming to get you

  4. jogesh99 says:

    The entire team has been taken over by aliens – Pointless wants a controversy-free series, faggot-in-waiting Clarke is praising Harbhajan the retard, and the rest of the turds are keeping quiet instead of their usual baying at the moon.

    Fuck this series, if you in-breds cant foul-mouth, fuck off, we don’t want you here. At least the Commonweralth contingent showed their Aussie IQ before arriving – we shall welcome you with dengue-laden garlands (a la Lord Amherst:

  5. Matt says:

    Mike rocks, you cant buy that kinda earnestness and he’s a good asshole antidote too. Love his recent testicularity too.

    Watto getting found out as an opener? Vim, may I smoke from the same pipe as you?

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