balls profile: steve tikolo

Few minnow players ever become legends that you think about late at night in bed.  Steve Tikolo has not done that.  He has achieved a very long career that people notice every three years or so.  A batsman of fair talent with a solid middle on him.  Tikolo captained the great Kenyan side of the 03 world cup, and probably several other rubbish Kenyan sides.  Has played in more meaningless ODI matches than any player from a non test playing nation.  Played his first game for Kenya in 1964.  Would have been a very handy county cricketer if ever given the chance. Tikolo obviously agrees, as his body size has mimicked that of many county pros for years.

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2 thoughts on “balls profile: steve tikolo

  1. kny789 says:

    About time you gave him some recognition. If you add Thomas Odoyo to your profiles next then I might just buy your book.

  2. kny789 says:

    And also he played for Border in South Africa… which sort of counts as county cricket.

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