why Imran Khan will always be cooler than Shahid Afridi

Faran sent me one youtube video, but who can ever watch only one youtube pepsi pakistani cricket video?

Then I realised that Irman and Shahid were sort of having an ad contest, so i put them to the test.

This ad tries to be funny.

It succeeds, but probably not on purpose.

This is pure greatness.

It has headbands, and a kickin’ camp tune.

Shahid still has more in him.

You can’t win against Imran with a sweaty forehead and by throwing a ball at me.

Imran chucked this one in for the knock out.

Game, set and match.

Imran is Yoda/Mr Miyagi in this one, and leaves the sweating to Younis.

Shahid never had a chance.

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10 thoughts on “why Imran Khan will always be cooler than Shahid Afridi

  1. The Beggy G says:

    Good thesis but to me crazy don’t give a fuck-ness will always trump studied too-cool-for-school-ness.
    We can’t really blame or praise the actors for the creative approach either, that’s down to the cockheads at whatever coke-fuelled agency came up with the concepting. That’s what they call it. Concepting. Really.
    In my scorebook it’s Afridi 1, Khan 0.
    Can you tell that I really hate my job in an advertising shop, sorry, communcations and branding consultancy?

  2. Faran says:

    thanks dude, 4 mentioning me in yr article, did u like the akram ones??? n i think u put afridi 1 twice instead of imran’s…

  3. The Beggy G says:

    Ok, now that I’ve seen all the vids your argument is stronger – still not convinced, though. By the way, who is Mr Sultry Blonde Highlights in the last one?

  4. knowledge_eater says:

    This proves who is Douchebag now, although after what Salman Ass has done, I might just like Douchebag now, in both ads Either Imran is working hard or making someone else work hard. This is how Cricket is played. I always like the concept of faithful training in any sports, result is not a big deal if you have done decent and faithful homework. Now wake the fuck up and start training*.

    *But be ready to be beaten against India
    *Be ready actually not to drink any Crepsi or Crocke because in reality these drinks are shit, a tin contains 7 teaspoon of sugar, and in fact it causes more dehydration, since you are going to pee out more water, especially while you are working, doesn’t provide jack shit of electrolytes.

  5. Ankit Poddar says:

    Check out for Pepsi ad with Wasim, Imran and Wagar Younis. That is one cool ad with sweat, pepsi and ice. Sounds kinky, I know, you would like it.

  6. Nick says:

    Younis is good actor

  7. Fuzzy Logic says:

    afridi looked like hollywood material when he was actually 27 years old [:P]…and imran would still get the role of james bond!

    jrod….u dont understand hindi/urdu or i would hav sent u an amazing pepsi ad of pakistani team with miandad…which has got re-dubbing….

  8. Q says:

    Nice collection Jrod, but this one is probably the best ever Pepsi commercial involving Pak Cricketers:

    • jrod says:

      Q, I don’t know, there is no headbands, and the kid is annoying. It is almost saved by Imran’s terrible swipe at his own forehead, but not quite.

  9. Q says:

    Jrod, it was a rage during the early 90s.. around 1990-01.. Imran’s wiping the forehead with pepsi bottle move was copied all over the streets and cricket parks in Pakistan !

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