Happy Birthday sweet balls

Today is the birthday of cricket with balls.

Or tomorrow.

But, roughly speaking, it is about now.

Cricket With Balls is 3 years old, yet, it still regularly pisses it self and can’t walk.  It is a mouthy little fucker, though.

I have no idea what to do as a birthday post, so with no real planning or thought I thought I’d run through my favourite CWB memories and things I thank Cricket With Balls for.

Bryce McGain leaving a comment on a post.

Nesta Quinn telling Neil Harvey about the blog and Neil Harvey asking if a blog is some kind of boot.

The MCG giving me wireless access for writing during shield games.

Writing a book for me.

Knowing that Murali and Dirk Nannes own my books.

Accidentally tricking Jonathan Agnew into posting a satire piece as a news piece on twitter.

When Gideon Haigh wore a cwb t-shirt on an Indian cricket show, even if they did cut if off so you couldn’t see it.

Getting me on CNN wearing a Galaga t shirt.

When I was ignored during an ABC interview and had my name forgotten on a BBC interview.

My first ever trip into the world’s darkest press box at the Oval.

A hiring and firing by Surrey.

Falling in love with the feet of IOB.

Having Rana Naved tell me he likes the site.

Cricket Victoria sending me free shit for years of free promotion for them.

Becoming a Test Match Sofa commentator.

Inspiring someone to tell me I was a typical left leaning socialist film maker from Melbourne.

Finding out there was actually a cricket underground filled with people who loved cricket as much as me and were just as fucked up as I am.

Writing a piece in Wisden with a swear word in it.

Suggesting live arm wrestles to Lalit Modi for IPL auctions.

Meeting Steve Waugh, twice.

Seeing Majid Khan help Barry Richards open a window.

Pissing next to Angus Fraser.

Being inches away from Richie Benaud’s trousers.

Writing about cricket without rules or grammar.

Inspiring countless relatives and family friends to read swear words.

Starting a magazine.

Getting me a bat sponsor.

My polish Robocop poster.

Giving other writers false hope.

The terms administracrat, sehwagology, once in a generation teddy bears and probots.

The ability to talk shit about cricket like I did with my friends.

Meeting new, fucked up friends.

Getting me a wife.

There is probably more, but that is all I can think of for now.

Happy birthday balls, you cheeky cuntwad.


30 thoughts on “Happy Birthday sweet balls

  1. mspr1nt says:

    Happy birthday, Uncle J’s baby! Here’s to many more years and successes.

  2. mspr1nt says:

    Oh and to much more false hope from you to me ;)

  3. theskiver says:

    Happy Birthday, Jrod’s Baby

    Even though the thought of Jrod being a daddy scares the crap out of me

    Here’s to many more years of being mistaken for you

  4. Mahek says:

    Three years??? Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Cricket!!!

  5. Jay says:

    happy birthday, I’ve already sharted my CWB boxers in your honour (I aimed the vomt at the clock, but I missed).

  6. knowledge_eater says:

    “Finding out there was actually a cricket underground filled with people who loved cricket as much as me and were just as fucked up as I am.”

    I don’t like licking ass, I never did physically, and no offence to other bloggers.

    This is still this date, the best unique blog, I have ever come across. I am sure I don’t much know about cricket or I don’t love cricket as much as you do, but I do come in that category of Cricket Lovers. It was very weird timing and topic when I came to know about this blog, however I thank you for giving me opportunity to comment on your blog. (I apologies for the 4th time being an asshole) I might have gone overboard sometimes, but only way to take out cricket rant and other than cricket life rant was to talk it out loud.

    Your blog defiantly made me realize, there are many cricket fans around the globe who can be as crazy as millions crazy Indians, and that is truth. We should all remember and respect that.

    So have a fucking fantastic birthday. :D

  7. Deep Cower says:

    Seriously, your wife married you because she fell in love with the website?

  8. Deep Cower says:

    That’s wonderful!

  9. beaten_in_the_corridor says:

    Get fu’n life.

  10. 13th Man says:

    Have a fantastic B’day.. Look forward to more and more brilliant posts..

  11. Martyd says:

    Happy B Day and cheers to the new Neville Cardus of cricket, not that Cardus ever said fuck!

  12. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    Something tiny you forgot but which I’m very thankful for: you’ve created the category ‘troglodytic allrounder’, very handy.
    Furthermore you’ve encouraged male cricket writers all over the world to break these antiquated moral chains and openly fantasise about how it is to have sex with certain players.
    You were also never afraid to horribly put your foot in your mouth on innumerable occasions and thereby taught other bloggers which topics to avoid at all costs.
    And last but not least you gave us the one CWB header that rendered all others meaningless

    Happy Ballsday.

  13. anup says:

    Did you guys see this?

  14. Nick says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CWB. Let me share my story with you jrod. I joined cwb like 7-8 months ago and it was love at first sight. At that time i was going through really bad time. I was depressed kuz my gf dumped me and i had no hope to live anymore and nothing to look forward to every morning. But thanks to you my life changed big time. I come here 2-3 times a day and read your old posts and lmao. You saved a life so be proudof urself. YOU ARE MY HERO.

  15. BenSix says:

    Pissing next to Angus Fraser.

    I did that after he left Graeme Swann from Cricketer of the Year. Couldn’t believe I missed.

    (Only kidding, Gus.)

    Happy birthday, Jrod. Thanks for the laughs.

  16. […] cricket with balls » Happy Birthday sweet balls – join sehwagology […]

  17. Eddie says:

    Happy Birthday CWB! Many more fucked up informative posts to come!

  18. Sach says:

    Happy Birthday Balls!
    I sure do turn here first before crapinfo every morning. That says a lot.

  19. Maverick Crew says:

    Shudnt it be Happy Birthday “Salty Balls”? :)

  20. Akash says:

    Weren’t you recruited for a memorable movie role as well ?

  21. Happy birthday! The best cricket blog out there, no question.

    Incidentally, what is the satirical article that Aggers retweeted as fact?

    • jrod says:

      PBR, I can’t find it now, but it was a piece saying that IPL owners were going to ban their teams from the Champion’s League if they didn’t get guaranteed semi final spots.

  22. jogesh99 says:

    cheers mofo.

    This isn’t what your pappy meant when he said – find a wife, settle down, ….

  23. george says:

    u mentioned gideon haigh … with esteem?

    WHY ??????? I Mean really … WHY ????????

  24. Homer says:

    Belated Birthday Greetings CWB. :)


  25. george says:

    lover eh? … hmm cant see why else; ur writing being ok n all and GH’s tripe being … well tripe

    could you start a new line of topics reviewing cricket ‘historians’?

    at the very least lets discuss Gideon Haigh … pretty please …

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