Sri Lanka pictorial

I went to Sri Lanka, and I took a camera.

I couldn’t possibly show you every photo that was cricket related, but these are my favourites, they’re unedited, because I can’t be bothered.

Every night Mahela and I drink coke together, you could be this happy if you drink coke. Look how happy we are.  Really happy.

Hey man, what’s happening, yeah, coke man, i love it, I’m so fucking high right now, I know you can’t tell, cause I pull it off well, but really I am high.  But I look normal, don’t i.  I’m not, I’m high. Let’s go to white castle.

Not enough countries have cricket graffiti. This is a win for Sri Lanka.

A rare photo of Saddam Hussein and Murali.

Dude, buy coke for your family.  Sugar and caffeine rock.

A free book for the person to correctly name these 4 New Zealand cricketers.  Yes that is a trick question, no one can correctly name kiwi cricketers. Nathan McCullum is on the left, ladies.

Look at these dudes working and sitting on trucks while a cool photo of Malinga is in front of them.

I saw these guys at Dambulla.  I hope they all fail. Lazy bastards.

I also have more photos of Dambulla, but this is enough for one day, surely.

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8 thoughts on “Sri Lanka pictorial

  1. reddevil7281 says:

    Nice, still can’t get the image of your “sharting” experience out of my head. That was a powerful piece you wrote! Was that for real? Surely not?

  2. […] nothing about Sangakkara and Dilshan though. But still you see with regular IPL contracts, so many endorsements I don’t understand why they’d get into fixing? Now, I’m just hoping this bookie […]

  3. Sach says:

    LOL at Sanga pictures. So he’s not selling mobiles anymore? And where’s Dilshan pic?

    • jrod says:

      Sach, not sure where it went, have given it a post all of its own now. Kumar was still selling them, but the pictures weren’t funny enough.

      Red devil, I wouldn’t ever lie about sharting.

  4. Murtaza Moiz says:

    Dilshan’s on a TVS bike brother!

  5. poopsie says:

    Nathan McCullum as a kiwi cricketer, classic. They look like a bunch of backpackers that sneaked into a 5 star hotel trying to go unnoticed.

  6. Eddie says:

    Grant Elliott far right

  7. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    Sure? I’d have thought, if the guy on the left is NMcC, then from left to right:
    Nathan McCullum, Grant Elliot, Ross Taylor, Andy McKay
    Grant Elliot could also be someone else, the tan is really intense, Tuffey perhaps, but he looks too small for that… :/ no clue really

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