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Reminds most people of that guy they went to school with, you know the type, was always destined to do well, you liked him and all, but you could never remember a conversation you had with him.  Has the stiffest of stiff upper lips.  Performed his own version of the crusades when he convinced his teammates to go back to India after the Mumbai attacks.  Is a proper opening batsman, but has a reputation for being stodgier than he actually is.  Captains the English side in a modern public school way, in that he makes others believe he really cares what they think, that they are part of the decision-making process and then only listens to Andy Flower.  Has a stoic elegance to him, would not be the worst model for a clothing line aimed at people who have so much money they like extreme sports.

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6 thoughts on “balls profile: andrew strauss

  1. Dave Bird says:

    It’s funny because it’s quite hard to lay into him, or to really like him. He is merely decent.
    I like that he only listens to Flower. I believe many in his position would do the very same thing.

  2. muddas237 says:

    Strauss wasnt the captain when England came back to tour India after the Mumbai attacks. It was KP.

  3. Matt N says:

    You forget to mention that he “always looks in good touch” even when getting out in the 20’s.

    Cracking player in full flow though.

  4. hi says:

    probot ?

  5. You seem to have him to the tee (and both the Prime and Deputy Prime Ministers at the same time)
    Could TM go off message slightly – don’t mind it you delete/unapprove but …
    This captain of England will today toss-up down in Kennington when Rain, mud, land slides and smashed infrastructure are stopping relief getting through to victims of the floods in Pakistan, proving that Big Cricket can grind on seemingly unperturbed
    when over 10% of the population are homeless or threatened with homelessness, when the infrastructure of an area of their country the size of England has been smashed, when aid from the rest of the world is 50% down on that expected, when the aid that is being offered is not getting through because of the infrastructure difficulties and when the shadow of cholera stalks across the life of 20,000,000 of their fellow countrymen, surely, the only remaining justifiable function that this cricket series can have is that of fund and issue-raising for the disaster.
    If you agree there’s a Cricket Action for Pakistan Flood Victims facebook group here:!/group.php?gid=140319736005386&ref=ts

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