What can you do with Matty Hayden?

It seems like Matty Hayden is now selling theme park tickets to the kiwis.

Sportreview doesn’t like this, you can read all about why he doesn’t like it here, but the gist is, he thinks it is a bit shit and he’d like to take the piss.

So, his competition is to see what you can photoshop in behind Hayden to properly take the piss.

According to the rules, “Points will be awarded for 1. being funny and 2. making Hayden look like a twat.”

And then you can send in your work to richard (at) sportreview dot net dot nz and if he likes it he’ll put it on his website.

There is a prize, an equally shit DVD no one has ever heard of.

I want this DVD, so here is my entry.

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5 thoughts on “What can you do with Matty Hayden?

  1. Thanks for the link Jrod.

  2. knowledge_eater says:

    Hayden is religious guy .. What the hell. hahaha I like the top left side corner one. its so cool. I feel sad that Seth Macfarlane is not fan of Cricket. Well, thats what we have Jrod for probably. lol i feel like sending my entry now as well, but dvd is defiantly shit. let’s see if i get time.

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  4. Wes says:

    Very nicely humourised and surprisingly unrude, thus might fly under the radar.

  5. […] from JRod from Cricket With Balls: “Mocking Hayden’s self righteousness is a big win for the judges, as is using Kevin […]

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