Previously at Headingley


Have had slightly better days.


Losing the toss in this test might be the greatest thing to happen to Pakistan cricket since the invention of the wrong’un.  Only need one good session in the morning and they are off and racing.

Can Australia win

Sadly, yes.  In some ways an Australian win would be the greatest thing because of the come back element.  But if it leads to mass suicide in Pakistan, is it worth it.  They were 206 runs behind in Sydney; will they even be that far behind this time?

Play of the day

When Ricky Ponting went out there was so much excitement from Pakistan than Asif high fived the short leg – Amin or Ali I assume – and clear knocked him over.  But then didn’t even stop to pick him up.  Getting Ponting out is so good you can knock over a team mate and ignore him.

Testicular moment of the day

As brilliant as the Pakistani bowing was, it was the batting that really surprised.  And that was Salman Butt.  Sure he only makes runs against Australia, but these were very good runs.  It was a captain’s 45.  It was as important, if not as exciting or well executed, as Ponting’s knock at Headingley last year.  If Butt goes out early Australia might have 5 or even 6 wickets by now.  An important 45.

Working class moment of the day

Tim Paine probably only has two tests to stake his claim on the keeping job.  He was by far Australia’s best batsman in this shitty innings.  He chose to do the team thing and go after quick runs when Douggie was with him.  This meant going out in an ugly way as the top scorer of 17.  Then after sacrificing himself after out batting his team mates he was peppered with utter crap down the legside making him jump around to defend his bye total.

Weird factoid of the day

At the start of play there were more people paid to be at the ground than there was paying punters.

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2 thoughts on “Previously at Headingley

  1. Wes says:

    Thanks for pointing this out about Timmy, he’s doing very well, a lot of people are jumping on his bandwagon at the moment, is good. I hope one day, soon, he will become the Collingwood of Australia, and a well-appreciated keeper. Needs to stay a part of the team for that, though.

  2. Sunny says:

    come on…everyone knows that salman has made a career out of only scoring runs against india.

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