Dirty Dirk in the toilet at Lord’s

I should say he wasn’t actually in the toilet at Lord’s, but he was in there via this picture.

Forget for a moment that Dirk looks like he would rather be anywhere else than the photo shoot.

And even forget that Lebara have found the cheapest no name shirts they could for the ad, and think about what this could have been.

It is placed above the piss troughs at the grounds, it should be Dirk with a shit eating grin on his face, pointing his camera down like he is taking a picture of your cock, while Vaas and Saqlain kick the shit out of someone in a chicken suit in the back ground.

Some people just don’t have the flare for advertising that we do.

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7 thoughts on “Dirty Dirk in the toilet at Lord’s

  1. theskiver says:

    I’m more concerned that you were in the Gents toilets with a camera at all

  2. hi says:

    who is that blondie

  3. Wes says:

    The blond looks much like Ian bloody Bell, which basically ruins the entire picture. He has the face of a racing cyclist, fred knows why he actually started to play cricket.

  4. Remo says:

    another picture-perfect stroke from Ian Bell, just look at that high left elbow. beautiful. I’d be in severe danger of getting a lazy lob at the urinal looking at that.

  5. AndyinBrum says:

    Ian Bell looks like some psycho about to batter a hooker to death

  6. Rootofall3vil says:

    JRod, got a funny feeling when saw your book (last copy) pressed by two books of Matthew Hoggard and two of Michael holding at waterstones in Jubilee place. It was amusing (to me at least).

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