Previously at Old Trafford


Tamim is a world class batsmen, Shakib is very smart bowler and Bangladesh often play cricket like a bunch of kids who turned up at the park.


Seem to crawl up into a ball and cry when Tamim bats, but luckily Bangladesh helped them with the rest.  Swann’s five for and Bell’s hundred seemed like gifts.

Can Bangladeshi draw?

No. Poor little fellas. Watching them lose 9 for way fucken less than they should have was horrible.

Play of the day

You have to give Matt Prior credit, he played as slow and carefully as he could, and then did a Mike Gatting in the 90s. As he walked off he looked at the screen in disbelief at the level of stupidity he showed. I bet Craig K had a smile on his face.

Testicular moment of the day

Tamim wears his underwear on his outside.

Working class moment

Bangladesh win this award today. They’re like the scummy family from the shit part of town who is mostly full of complete losers that would steal your car and leave vomit in the back seat. Shakib and Tamin are the two who get good jobs and move to the nicer parts of town.

Question of the day

Why does Shahzad’s head look so weird on cricinfo?

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9 thoughts on “Previously at Old Trafford

  1. AJ says:

    Heh, I noticed Shahzad’s head yesterday, his facial expressions are top-notch as well.

  2. The Beggy G says:

    That working class moment is priceless.

  3. Ulabsay says:

    Tamim is quality and is already the second highest century maker (behind Ashraful, but Ashraful is apparently shit so Tamim must be the greatest ever from his country!).

  4. Lou says:

    Shakib doesn’t exactly play captain’s knocks with bat though does he? He seems to lose his marbles with a bat in his hand. Man some of his hoicks would be out of place in 20/20.

  5. Wes says:

    “Craig K”

    Lou he plays captain’s knocks with the ball.

    .-= Wes´s last blog .."Oh you’re so special!" Curse or compliment? =-.

  6. Deep Cower says:

    It ain’t enough if you just play with the ball, Wes, a stroke of the bat is equally essential.

    This is going to be one of my less productive days.

  7. Wes says:

    *quits attempting to express herself without the use of smilies * :(
    .-= Wes´s last blog .."Oh you’re so special!" Curse or compliment? =-.

  8. Think Prior has kept the wolf from the door for the time being, needs an innings or two against Pakistan to guarantee his Ashes place though.

    Hope he does, as don’t think Kieswetter’s keeping is good enough (at the moment).
    .-= Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog´s last blog ..When is inconsistency, consistent? =-.

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