Test match Virtuosos

I’ve been a bit crook, so I couldn’t take in any of the information that was emailed to me by Vijay.

But the dude clearly has a lot of information about test batsmen.

It is all about the best batsmen ever.

If you like long intellectual arguments comparing Hutton to Lara then you might like this.

Or you might want to kill yourself afterwards.

I think it is worth the trip over there so you can read the first comment.



7 thoughts on “Test match Virtuosos

  1. Vijay says:

    Thanks Jrod!

    I know the comment is amazing and it’d be worth the effort of reading it…lol! I should be thankful to whoever left it there

  2. Stuff like that makes my blood boil. I ranted about it only recently.

    I was planning to add my own comment to it, but the first one says everything I wanted to and more.
    .-= GoodCricketWicket´s last blog ..Series preview: mountain to climb for Bangladesh =-.

  3. barack obama says:

    even with my limited cricketing knowledge i could conclude it was crap. Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics and then come the statistics compiled by indian cricket fans.

  4. crrrr says:

    was that you who left the first comment there??

  5. Yawn says:

    What sadistic ploy is this? My head was spinning after looking at a couple of charts. Is this the case of teaching a noob thing or two about Excel? Never again am I taking your recommendations seriously ;)

  6. Shaitaan says:

    I couldn’t be bothered to wade through the sort of ultimately meaningless statistical analysis that can only someone who hasn’t been laid in at least six months can be bothered to conduct, but it’s interesting how something becomes ‘crap’ or ‘brilliant’ based on whether it reaffirms ones pre-existing conclusions.

    For me it was worth it to just see Alex’s reasoned and well articulated rebuttal of it. That monkey is so predictable it’s hilarious. Hahaha!

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