Dirk and I

Yesterday I was commentating Australia playing Bangladesh. It was the first time I have ever commentated on Australia.

For the first innings it wasn’t that important to me, but for the second it became very important when I was commentating on Dirty Dirk Nannes.

In 2007 I sat almost alone in the MCG watching Victoria. It wasn’t the first year I had done it, I’d being doing it for years.  Now it is research, at the time is was wasting my life.

One of those days I saw Dirk Nannes.  I had seen him before, in the 06/07 shield final, but watching this big bad fast bowler storming in with his masculine unpolished run, hitting batsmen, beating batsmen, getting batsmen out and falling over I was captivated.

It was clear that Nannes, who I knew nothing of at the time, was not some spoon fed academy boy.

This was an older player who had taught himself to play, it wasn’t perfect, but it was great to watch, even on the occasions that I saw him fuck up (mostly fielding).

At the time I was a film maker in my late 20s.

I’d just started cricket with balls a few months earlier.  I was a late start to writing, unpolished, incorrect, insane and grammatically wrong.

My writing was self taught as I hadn’t even finished high school, I was at the age where most go and get real jobs and I wrote about cricket in such a way that the establishment would never touch me.

At that stage the chance of Dirk Nannes playing for Australia in an ICC tournament or me making a meagre living off cricket writing would have been a million to one.

3 years on Dirk was beating up the Bangladeshis while I swore on live commentary.

I doubt either of us really saw this happening, neither of us had spent our whole lives trying to get where we are now, but both of us are pretty happy that we are where we are.

Commentating on the big fellas as he took wickets, fell over, and bowled his masculine balls of strength was pretty fucken awesome.

Although to be fair I used to commentate at the G back in 07, but no one listened back then.


13 thoughts on “Dirk and I

  1. Advait says:

    Very nice

  2. Advait says:

    You can add the entire Afghani cricket team to the above article as well, and it wouldn’t look out of place.

  3. Dibyo says:

    Awww, ALMOST made me cry.

    Now watch Gotham city bash Dirty Dirk to the fence 6 times today.
    .-= Dibyo´s last blog ..There’s a strange relationship… =-.

  4. Hitesh Gidwani says:

    Touching peice…..man…u really like dirk…i’d tried to get his attention at the boundary in the mumbai-delhi match ( he wasnt playing, just walking around with ‘Dan the man’ )..too loud though, couldnt hear me..
    Have u ever met him in person??

  5. The Beggy Groin says:

    You know JRod, I’m really impressed that you didn’t finish High School. In Oz these days the pressure to get that essential ‘ticket’ (most likely doing some wanky meeja course) is so strong it must take someone of extreme personal conviction to go their own way.

    Either that, or you’re just a lazy bugger.

  6. Wes says:

    Nanny is getting a bit old-man-dirty, if you know what I mean. Not like Scotty Styris, but he increasingly looks like someone who has climbed the Mt. Everest in the 1980s.
    .-= Wes´s last blog ..Drop it like it’s hot / Kiwi has no boundaries =-.

  7. Mock Wah says:

    Disagreed Wes!

    But the chronicles of Dirk & Kimber sounds mighty!
    .-= Mock Wah´s last blog ..ICC World T20 – Super 8 Group F preview =-.

  8. knowledge_eater says:

    Is this actually First Emotional Blog !

    Dirky Dirty went places and still going

    You are going to go places as well Jarrod.

    My tips as usual : don’t drink too much, don’t smoke at all, stay fit, keep blogging, keep commentating on Sofa, I am sure you are going to Write at better speed than Dirky.

    • jrod says:

      Knowledge, I think there has been more than one emotional blog here.

      Dibyo, He didn’t quite get to it.

      Hitesh, We’ve never met, but we have chatted a few times, and he helped me get into a game once.

      Beggy, It was a bit of both. I was told during my whole high school period that by not finishing high school I would become a factory worker or worse. And I was at first, but once you turn 20 people stop asking if you finished high school, and not having the certificate doesn’t stop you from working anywhere or getting higher education.

  9. knowledge_eater says:

    well sure .. your all blogs are emotional, I said it earlier .. your writing is one of the most “lubricated” one. But, may be I am only less than year old to your your writing, i find this one most “Touching” one. May you have attached your personal info. I don’t know, it seems to me, you have kept Dirk very close to your heart (not gay meaning) but I think you are overwhelmed by his holy greatness for cricket and personality. You were so pumped on TMsofa as well. I like his cricket and personality too.

    There are not many bowlers who doesn’t care about falling on ground still manages unplayable deliveries again and again. And there are not many bloggers who are as natural (honest opinion giver) as you are even though you hate certain players’ cricket.

  10. knowledge_eater says:

    Btw. on TMsofa there is one person’s voice I heard it somewhere in cricinfo videos or may be I was just hallucinating ! … i think he was the one who was reading tweets while you were commenting on Dirk.

    Also, there is a chain smoker in TMsofa .. please tell him try to reduce it and eventually stop it at some point .. bloody Nicotine is fooling him … (Daniel may be !! )

  11. Gigi says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, wasn’t Sehwag not even in the Indian team three years ago? Then the stars moved and all was well…

  12. mspr1nt says:

    We are going head to head, bat to bat, toe to toe, nationality to nationality for this one. I wan this babies. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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