wisden gets sweary and I am so proud

Months ago I sent in my pieces for the Wisden Almanack.  It was so long ago I sort of forgot about it.

Id’ first been asked to write about blogs, and then shortly after they requested a piece on twitter.

At the time the major twitter stories were Tim Bresnan and Phil Hughes.

So I quoted Tim Bresnan for the piece.

Obviously his quote has swear words in it, and I didn’t  **** because I am not a sub editor.

At the time I probably never truly thought about swearing, because I don’t think about swearing, like most people, I just swear.

My writing swears because I do, I don’t do it for shock value, or because I think it’s cool, I just swear.

But I never thought about what Wisden would do with Bresnan’s potty mouth.

Turns out, they didn’t ****, they just kept it as is.

So on page 1628 there is the word “fuck”, the first ever Wisden approved Fuck according to the Telegraph.

I haven’t gone back the Wisden catalogue to check if fuck has somehow slipped its head into a piece before, but I am more than happy to believe the Telegraph as their readers and writers probably know all previous Wisdens off by heart.

I’ve never owned a Wisden, but I have slipped a fuck in one.

Today is a good day, my fucken friends.

I am so excited that I will use this post to tell you that I am taking a week off, see you next week.


15 thoughts on “wisden gets sweary and I am so proud

  1. crownish says:

    Reaffirms my belief in swearing, I should know. Truly a fucken great day
    .-= crownish´s last blog ..The IPL: Still Open =-.

  2. Sriram says:

    Oh man…this is special. The magnitude of this is along the lines of a streaker running through the Vatican during the papal mass. Oh wait….never mind.
    .-= Sriram´s last blog ..Withdrawal Symptoms =-.

  3. Ankit Mi5hra says:

    .-= Ankit Mi5hra´s last blog ..Another CuteXIer =-.

  4. The Bible is singing a different song…
    .-= Shridhar Jaju´s last blog ..KKR’S HAT-TRICK =-.

  5. yeah Jrod you really r good at it and soon u r going to change the good old cricket commentary into some WWE side trick. Well it already is a horror advertising show with all DLF Max and KarboonKamal so may be it will be better with all those beeep beep and beeeeeeeeps on our local TV. ;)
    .-= Reverse Swing´s last blog ..Pakistan All Time best XI, let’s Poll it. =-.

  6. Fucking great. Congrats on being published in Wisden – now that is impressive.

    Next year’s Wisden will feature a centrefold of the best looking IPL cheerleaders.
    .-= The Reverse Sweep´s last blog ..Topsy turvy Delhi blow it again =-.

  7. Paddy says:

    I’ve screwed up the html coding, idiot.

    The blog post is here:


    The Guardian piece on Matthew Brimson’s cock is here:
    .-= Paddy´s last blog ..Breaking barriers =-.

  8. BloodGreen says:

    And the Wisden Cricketer of the Year is…..

  9. knowledge_eater says:

    I am proud of you JK, and happy for you, I wish you take over Wisden one day. I will cry probably and close ears of my imaginary children ..!

    I personally believe cricinfo. should allow that as well. I will show my real charm in commenting then hehehe

    anyways I usually don’t request anything, but here is something to write on page2.

    Watch RR and RCB match and fast forward it till KP is scoring around 60 and then watch the match in slow motion. (if you haven’t)

    Kohli and KP were showing their Love affair in front of whole world. And letter he almost kissed him after the match.

    Please your thoughts

  10. crrr says:

    what? u leaving?? who’s gonna cover the ipl semis and finals now??

  11. Matt says:

    Nice work cunt!

  12. damith says:

    Reading the Telegraph piece , I thought it was going to say “and the emerging England all-rounder Jarrod Kimber”.

    But the day they claim you as one of their own might not be too far away. We might yet see you in the English team.
    .-= damith´s last blog ..cricinfo mentions youtube’s broadcast of the IPL in passing =-.

  13. prabu says:

    Seen this?

  14. Aswin says:

    It doesn’t matter if it’s the first swear word. It’s in a daily and people will believe it. :)

    Twenty years later, this could be a tie-break question in a quiz show in some corner of the world.

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