As a team the New Zealand test side could try the patience of a Buddhist Nun, but they do have some classy individuals.

Last test Prince Brendon batted so well he decided he is too good for wicket keeping.

Dan Vettori now does so many things better than his team mates that he even shaves them before games.

And there is Ross Taylor, who is so full of talent he can usually only swing his arms to the legside.

For some reason, even with this talent, his test record is pretty ordinary.

Yesterday Taylor put in one of those innings yesterday that means you overlook his batting average and just start licking the sticky bits of his body.

There was luck there, Shane Watson must have a dude-crush on him, and more than a few shots that on another day would have found gully.

Instead he played one of the most entertaining lone gun innings in New Zealand history.

It was an innings that couldn’t be taught, and to be fair, probably shouldn’t be.

I saw the first half of the innings and he seemed to batting so furiously at times that the batsmen at the other end were going out because they were batting in his dust cloud.

At least that would have given them an excuse for batting so shit.

For the second half I went to bed, and I did that sick shit that some of us do when we have chosen to go to bed; I stayed up reading the scores on my mobile device.

It was hard to believe that Ross Taylor’s score could move upwards that quick, I thought the cricinfo worker might have been mainlining speed, so I got up, and it was Taylor who was.

138 off 104 when the rest of the team had only 98 runs.

That is special.

Like waking up from a drunk one night stand and realizing that even hungover and drooling from all orifices, the person next to you is still extremely shaggable.  And their morning breath smells good.

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7 thoughts on “taylored

  1. Rishabh says:

    Taylored is yesterday’s tagline, today’s is probably Krabbed.
    .-= Rishabh´s last blog ..Punjab out-kkr KKR =-.

  2. Leg Break says:

    Attn Mr. Katich: It’s just not fair expecting people to have to sit through this

    BTW; in NZ a test average of >40 is not considered ordinary. True fact.
    .-= Leg Break´s last blog ..The IPL Era Test Century =-.

  3. Deep Cower says:

    “138 off 104 when the rest of the team had only 98 runs.

    That is special.”

    Doesn’t Virender produce tons of this crap?
    Or were you surprised it was a kiwi?

  4. OR says:

    He got dropped three times and they were not difficult chances. And slogged for New Zealand. That was a very lucky day for him, no wonder they never win test matches with the amount of praise batting like Taylor’s gets.

    The Aussie slip cordon is pretty darned ordinary these days. At least having Watson drop catches made a change from hard hands North.

  5. Celtic says:

    Mate, in New Zealand a batting average greater than 40 means you are pretty much Jesus. Give us Ryder back, he’s our best batsman and fastest bowler (and most accomplished drinker)

  6. gw says:

    Deep Cower:

    1) I don’t think anyone would argue that Sehwag is special, so the fact that he produces “tons of this crap” doesn’t seem to support your assertion that Taylor’s innings was not special

    2) On looking at Sehwag’s record, he has only produced 3 or 4 test hundreds at a rate of better than a run a ball (although I think one was a triple centruy and one a double)

    3) Taylor’s innings accounted for most of NZ’s total, on a pitch where the Aussies were bowled out for 230, not one of the sub-continental roads

    4) And yes he’s a kiwi, and not since Nathan Astle’s 222 off 154 balls against England have we seen anything like it

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