Australia fail in 20 over chase

New Zealand set Australia 106 to chase, but even though it was only marginally more than 5 runs an over Australia could not get over the line. Australia’s record in 20 over chases outside Australia continues to be quite shit.

Phil Hughes, who sees all innings as auditions for the IPL incase he gets bad press again, was at his attacking best. In two overs he inspired 23 runs off New Zealand’s most trusted bowlers. This included a smack over mid on for six from Vettori and his normal ugly effectiveness against the quicks. Hughes bludgeoned 86 off 75 balls.

At the other end, Katich protested the whole 20 over concept, his strike rate of 27 was a personal statement on what form of cricket he likes best. Katich was in his complete krab like mode and refused to even pretend to score runs. In the past this would have lead to a fantastic collapse from Australia, but Hughes youthful excitement made the 20 over chase a possibility at times.

While Australia did miss out on winning in 20 overs, they won the moral victory by winning the test. Doug Bollinger kissed his underwear after the match and Ryan Harris’ chest swelled so much that no one could fit in the change room.

New Zealand’s two cricketers, Prince Brendon and Dictator Dan, must be a little disappointed that their side made 564 in total, being that they made 42% of them (I think that is right) between the two of them. Vettori is thinking of changing the batting order for the next match with Tuffey to go in at 3 and for Ingram to bowl medium pace when the other bowlers are tired.

Only the carrot of the IPL can keep the smiles on the faces of the New Zealand middle order marvels.

This game might seem like just another test, but it could be the last time Australia ever enforces the follow on. Even though they won by 10 wickets with their dicks in the air, it must have made them nervous once the chase went over 100. Their nerves must be shot.

It should also be mentioned that Phil Hughes now averages 51.25 in test cricket. It doesn’t mean much, but it makes me smile a little.

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11 thoughts on “Australia fail in 20 over chase

  1. Valerio says:

    How bad are NZ? Australia only lost 5 wickets in the match. What a pathetic Test match. And then to see Hughes go ballistic and knock the runs off as easy as he did is just appalling. What a mis-match. An SOS must go out to Shane Bond, even if he only bowls 10 overs per day, he has to be a better bet than the rubbish served up by the others.

  2. Mock Wah says:

    hahaha… history repeats itself.. can v call of the remaining test and watch some real cricket.
    .-= Mock Wah´s last blog ..DLF IPL CSK-Chennai Super Krap =-.

  3. Sir Paddles says:

    I’m thinking about starting a holy war against Cricinfo. In this article, they call Phil Hughes the Aussie Sehwag.

    I find this to be blasphemy and I believe it goes against my cricketing religion of Sehwagology.

    Will anyone else support me on this issue.

  4. Wes says:

    “It should also be mentioned that Phil Hughes now averages 51.25 in test cricket.”

    Midget stat whore.
    .-= Wes´s last blog ..*OMG* Hughesless turns Hughesful =-.

  5. How can Cricinfo compare Hughes to Sehwag? That said a test average of 51 and a FC average of just under 60 suggests that either statistics are bollocks or that Hughes is actually a fairly decent player with an ugly technique. Send for Steve Harmison.
    .-= The Reverse Sweep´s last blog ..Fearlessness, impetuosity and Tamim Iqbal =-.

  6. Ram5160 says:

    A new low for cricinfo.

  7. Wes says:

    Did anyone of you actually look at the Cricinfo article? The headline refers to Punter comparing Hughes to Sehwag.
    .-= Wes´s last blog ..*OMG* Hughesless turns Hughesful =-.

  8. jamie64 says:

    The gnome has a technique like a 10 year old but he’s going to make a hell of a lot of runs.

  9. Pete says:

    He aint no Mark Waugh / Damo Martyn, he’s going to be hard to love with a style like that, but if he makes the runs I can live with it.

  10. Leg Break says:

    At least we’re unlikely to have to watch Hughes bat in the second test.

    Just a shame about who e’ll get to see in his place.
    .-= Leg Break´s last blog ..Lord of the Ring, and Windy Wellington =-.

  11. matt says:

    Seriously Leg Break, Watto might be unlikeable but he’s a much better batsman to watch with a much better technique.

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