dirty dirk declares

First class cricket is pretty cool.

It is way better than manga or trip hop.

But it isn’t for everyone.

Dirk Nannes has stated to this very website that his favourite form of cricket is 2020.

To most people that is sacrilegious.

Dirk is not most people.

As far as cricketers go he is the Kakihara of the modern game, cool, unusual and must watch.

He does things differently, is different and goes about life in his own way.

So when he says he is quitting first class cricket on the eve of a second straight shield final, you shouldn’t be surprised.

Dirk’s record in first class cricket is pretty good, an average of 25. So it isn’t like he is shit at it.

However, this year he has played one game of first class cricket.

In his short time he has never played a full season.

I’m not even sure he could make it through more than 3 full games in a row anymore.

And why would he put his body through this?

There is more chance of you walking in on Sarah Palin naked then Dirk playing test cricket, so why would he put himself through it?

As a Victorian fan I am disappointed, but if it means he will continue to play cricket at the top level for Australia, Delhi, Notts and Victoria I can’t really complain too much.

He will still remain the 2020 bone crusher, and that is what he does best.

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0 thoughts on “dirty dirk declares

  1. Mahek says:

    Looking forward to another stump-shattering season for the Daredevils. If they’re smart like me they’d have Dirty Dirk banners all over the Kotla, maybe even prepare a song for him.
    .-= Mahek´s last blog ..FICA and the need for a Collective Bargaining Agreement – II =-.

  2. Ram5160 says:

    Time for “When Dirk Became Jesus”

  3. raghu says:

    Addition to sehwagology
    “for me the defensive shot is a risky shot”

  4. The Skiver says:

    Isn’t it more the case that Dirk is something of a cricketing polymath. The game has never been everything to him, so he doesn’t feel he needs to play the versions he isn’t interested in?

  5. The Beggy Groin says:

    I get the reference to Trip Hop, but Manga? Cartoons with boobs can only ever be cool in bizzaro world, where Graham Smith is a sex symbol.

    Actually, your throwaway comparison has got me thinking. Cricket is absolutely brilliant, no question, but cool? Any sport, (exculding perhaps luge or some other ‘x’-treme sport where the chance of death is relatively high) really struggle to be cool in my eyes. MInd you, one lad at my school was killed by a cricket ball to the eye, back before cotton wool kiddies were the norm. There was a memorial to him next to the changing rooms and everything – but even then the cool kids did not cricket (or any other sport) play.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love all this stuff but have a look at the team photos and then try to convince me that first class cricket is cool. In fact, Dirty Dirk probably has one of the highest cool quotients in the Australian setup and he’s about to quit.
    It’s easy to get caught up in a subculture so that everything becomes relative, as in – “Shahid Afridi is cool. Well, at least compared to Ian Bell, he is”.
    I say you should be out and be loud – Cricket is daggy and I’m proud.
    Haven’t you heard? The dags have inherited the earth, cool is for fools. Although come to think of it, ‘cool’ is an expression usually only used by genuinely non-cool people.

    I say it all the time.

  6. I blame CA for this. Dirty in the Ashes would have meant the Ashes retained. The man is the only current Aussie cricketer to reamin undefeated by the Poms. Heck, he inspired Netherlands to win against them. Netherlands!!

  7. Brad Hodge says:

    Dirk hops on the Hodge-led bandwagon and he still gets a first class eulogy. I score 4 centuries in the FRC and you give me nothing. Deano and I cannot believe your hatred toward our efforts to give you Bushranger bragging rights

  8. LL says:

    Brad Hogg you are a legend!

    Loved watching you bowl when you played for Australia. You were a real team player. Don’t worry about those bloody Victorians.

    Go the tongue!

  9. Lou says:

    I’m bored.

    Tait refuses to play first class cricket as well, but I don’t see any eulogising of him.

  10. Hewy says:

    Nannes and 1st class cricket has never been a smooth relationship…

    Remember the game at the WACA a few seasons back – opening the bowling on day 1 – 1st ball full toss for a wicket, 2nd ball full toss head high, 3rd ball full toss head high… banned from the attack. (bowled well in the 2nd innings – but I guess he was fresher than everyone else!)

  11. Yawn says:

    wow! That would have been some spell!


  12. jamie64 says:

    I want to see Tait, Nannes and Johnson opening up on a brisbane green top against the poms next summer.

    Some serious heat there…

  13. Mock Wah says:

    Boy.. did he make a statement loud & clear at Hobart… Shame he wont get his hat-trick ball.. or does he?
    .-= Mock Wah´s last blog ..Quick Updates : India Vs South Africa ODI#1 =-.

  14. Rishabh says:

    Jamie, that would only be in a T20. Only Johnson out of that trio seems to want to play in any match longer than that.
    .-= Rishabh´s last blog ..Player scores for the series, South Africa =-.

  15. Yawn says:

    Sadly, even Brett Lee has decided to quit Test cricket! Hardly any warrior from The Series is playing anymore. Was the series jinxed or what?