Sehwag proves Quantum Mechanics

Not everyone wants to believe in Quantum mechanics. In order to believe it you have to forget everthing you have ever believed and start boring your friends.

Most people just can’t be assed.

Until yesterday I thought Quantum Mechanics was the biggest load of wank outside of healing crystals.

Now I do not.

And yet again it is our leader of Sehwagology who showed me the way.

Today he cut down the Saffas again.

It was Sehwagology at its best, he was batting in warp speed for a while, then he took a break, before amping up and making the Saffa bowlers look silly.

JP Duminy would not be a popular man tonight (Can’t bat, can’t catch, can bowl).

At one stage Morne Morkel bowled what seemed at the time to be an innocuous short ball wide of off stump, but I should know by now that when watching Sehwag no ball is insignificant.

This ball was cut to the fence.

The story could end there, except that Sehwag is something else.

When his bat hit the cut shot, the ball was on his bat and at the fence, simultaneously.

He hit the ball so hard that he proved a pseudo science true.

Quantum Mechanics (if the film What the bleed do we know kept me awake long enough for me to learn anything) means that things can and are in two places at once.

I don’t know all the details, as Marlee Matlin’s beret was the real philosophical question I remember from that film, but Sehwag definitely had the ball on his bat and on the fence at the same time.

Sorry to blow your mind with this.

People who believe in quantum mechanics usually end up really annoying people at parties, but if Sehwag deemed it important enough to show us, who am I to hide it from you.

I was thinking of renaming it Sehwachanics, but that would be shit.

Enjoy the new world.

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0 thoughts on “Sehwag proves Quantum Mechanics

  1. alex says:

    Once gambhir got out he slowed to normal mortal speed.

    Here is more on what cleric is talking the end you will see.

  2. Deep Cower says:

    The best part of yesterday’s game was this gem from Laxman Sivaramakrishnan: “Sehwag (pause) bats differently. Tendulkar (pause) bats differently as well.”

  3. alex says:

    There is no one i hate in commentary box more than L Siva , may be michael slater. L Siva makes my brain freeze. My mind goes in mute mode when he speaks. He is the example of incompetent people get jobs because of caste politics in India.

  4. alex says:

    L siva is vocabulary challenged , sachin fans are common sense challenged. hahaha… :D

  5. Yawn says:

    Funniest post by Alex till date (brain freeze? lol!). But yes, I always wonder who will bite the dust first, Sachin from intl cricket or the sacred old men of cliches in the commentary box. Sidhu and Srikkanth on Sehwag’s batting would be much more tolerable I guess.


  6. Samir Chopra says:

    Sehwag established QM and disproved relativity (which says two events cannot occur simultaneously).
    .-= Samir Chopra´s last blog ..An Eden Garden of a test =-.

  7. Deep Cower says:

    @Samir: That’s not quite true. In fact, two events that appear separate to one observer can appear simultaneous to another who is in relative motion, and vice versa.

  8. Venkat says:

    Whether Sehwag can ever prove QM; i am definite that the Saffers would be scratching their heads to figure out how they can convert the path of the ball to wavelike motion.
    They have to invent diffraction swing to get the ball to curve around the brute’s ball axe to get to his stumps.

  9. Vicus Scurra says:

    Although I confess to being amused by your premise, I do wish you would refrain from bringing myth and superstition into what is essentially a spiritual realm. The cult of physics is nothing more than the outpourings of loonies with misconnected synapses attempting to explain the divine. They have made me very cross indeed ever since Mr Sutton introduced first form physics to me in 1962. I would have been much happier had he spent time singing hymns to Tom Graveney (Sehwag was not around at that time).
    Thank you.
    .-= Vicus Scurra´s last blog ..Filial affection =-.

  10. alex says:

    There is no spirit crap. There is no spiritual realm. That is for loonies and weak minded sheep humans who try to find answers in all places when answer is infront of him.

    Just live!. Humans are fools in someway.

    What Jrod says is more for food for thought. He makes cricket enjoyable with his own interpretation.

    if you can’t enjoy , go hide somewhere.

    Don’t bring spirtitual mumbo jumbo. It is utter crap. Physics atleast trying to explain. Nothing is perfect. No perfect answer. Answers are just context based.

    Today’s truth is tomorrow’s false. Get it?. :D

    Humans are all belief whores. No exception. Whether you follow spiritual mumbo jumbo or physics. It is all for fun. just enjoy while you can.

    Answers are for fools and for weak minded.

    When you are out of energy , you will come to an assumed answer , because as a life form you have limited amount of energy , the code in each life form is to live and do what ever take to live. So it does not matter what path you take , you will finally settle on an answer and it will be your belief. All same.

    My own sehwagology …hit now live now. :D

  11. damiths says:

    I think the new season of Lost has proved beyond all doubt that Quantum Mechanics is real.
    .-= damiths´s last blog ..Keeping up with the Sri Lankans =-.

  12. David Barry says:

    What the bleed do we know

    Not that film again! Arrrrrrrrrrgggghhhh!

  13. Horatius says:

    L Siva freezes stuff that doesn’t exist. Surely that’s more impressive than anything Sehwag can do.

  14. Horatius says:

    If only we had another couple of stat-whores in the team, the saffas would lose by the fourth day itself.

  15. ar says:

    funny post
    keep it up..ur doin a great service…………..tht is my new blog,,care to glance
    .-= ar´s last blog ..Its time =-.

  16. ar says:

    was that the best partnerships of the seriesr?
    or u say it was d amla kallis (plz noo)
    .-= ar´s last blog ..Its time =-.

  17. alex says:

    Do not waste time discussing stuff that do not exist. :D

    Already sachin fans going crazy in cricinfo sachin is the greatest blah blah. That fker got out once he got 100. No use to bat for 200. he should be burn in hell . :D

    if sachin batted for 200 india would be in driver seat. Now what happens , SA can bundle out india and bat for mostly draw unless they score fast and put 350+ run lead.

    if i am dhoni he needs to slow down and stay at the crease until lunch. No need score fast. if SA score 300 lead they will be really afraid to let india bat.

    Also if india even have 120+ run lead with bhajji turning , it is totally different game. I still think it all depends how steyn wrap up the tail. He can do it . because new ball in 4 overs.

    I think game is even now. Anyone can win. I still think SA has a chance and tough it out and be agrressive. One person hold one end and other person score run a ball. SA can beat india 2-0. But we all know the crowd play big role in this kind of game. So if SA can win from now , they have sealed this talk of who number 1 for next 2 years.

    SA should stop playing for draw because with crowd behind they mayget bundle out faster. Best way to unsettle indian bowlers is take the attack to them. You will many dropped catches and misfields etc. i hope SA wins. As a sehwag fan i want india to win and as foe of sachin fans i want SA win. So conflicted. :D

  18. Shaitaan says:

    Alex is a bigger bitch than Bitchin’ Singh Bedi. And that’s saying a lot.

  19. Funny thing is if someone goes to Sehwag and tells him that he proved quantum mechanics, he is just going to shrug and say something about see the ball and hit the ball.

    Blonde bombshells go on around breaking hearts of men while totally oblivious to the heartbreaking going on around. When asked about this, they would go “eh?”.

    Sehwag is the cricketing equivalent of the blonde bombshell.

  20. Yawn says:

    What a transition from Sixer Sidhu to Prince Ganguly to Veeru Sehwag! India is the bermuda triangle for spinners worldwide. Noone survives!


  21. Jonathan says:

    Jrod, if you actually observed the ball on the bat and on the fence at the same time, then I think you might have to ask whether Sehwag has transcended quantum mechanics…
    .-= Jonathan´s last blog ..Fun in the sun =-.

  22. Omair Zahid says:

    Alex my dear, pray tell me do you have a blog of your own? Your elucidations on the mysteries of life have left me rather enthralled. Perhaps you should devote more of your energies to uncovering the esoteric and abstruse phenomenons in the universe rather than in this ultimately fruitless endeavour to come up with new and improved ways to write inane drivel.

  23. Horatius says:

    Thanks to the stat-whores Dhoni and Laxman, India’s sitting pretty.

    Alex’s brain is an oxymoron. I don’t envy alex’s mom who has to put up with this shit 24×7.

  24. Rishabh says:

    He’s always quiet when he’s disproved, hmm…
    .-= Rishabh´s last blog ..A day for Sehwag, Sachin and Test cricket. =-.

  25. Yawn says:

    Alex do not exist. You are talking to yourself. :)


  26. alex says:

    Omair Zahid ,

    What i say is correct. Always. You just have to look deeper. Ask questions. You have the ability to manifest answers for your own questions.

    Things are always simple. It is human that makes things complex so he thinks he has a purpose.

    He is always try to touch the other ear around his head. why?. Because he is afraid to see.

    Fear gripples him. He always manifesting new belief as he goes…it is easier to float in illusion than grounded in reality.

    It is always in front of you. You just have to take effort to see. Human mind is clouded with lots of noise and crap. He just have to be honest with himself then he will see others are his own reflections. :D

  27. Shaitaan says:

    Blah blah blah… the troll bitch masquerades drivel as meaning.

  28. alex says:

    I win!. :D

  29. ar says:

    no post on todays play?
    .-= ar´s last blog ..Its time =-.

  30. Yawn says:

    lol! Alex, tell me you created Shaitain.. didn you? ;) Keep it going.. good shiite!


  31. Shaitaan says:

    He is me? Muahahahaha!

    He is not Shaitaan, nor was meant to be;
    He’s just some attendant Fool; one that would do
    To start a scene, swell a progress or two.

    A worshipper, just like the Sachin-twats he teases and torments. (I like that part of him though… Hatred is just so… yummy.) Uncle Jrod deserves a better class of troll. (I’m not applying, just have a hankering for some troll meat right now.)

  32. It seems people are now looking forward to Alex’s comments more than JRod’s posts. Just to blast them.

    Yo Alex, kindly comment on my blog too. Will help in increasing page hits:)

  33. alex says:

    People always create some reasons(excuses) for their actions. Otherwise they may look mentally retarded. I see it is all same.

    you can’t blast non existance. Me do not exist. Ha. :D

    it is people’s their own fantasy. Their own needs. Always.

    I am simple indian cricket fan who loves to hate sachin and his idiotic fans. I really do not hate anyone , just playing a role. Think.

    it is like any other belief. Sachin fans have belief sachin is this great master who can do no wrong. WTF. That guy always fail every time india needs him,. He only bats well when conditions are benign. I never seen one gladiator type inning from him,. Never!. Always chokes. All the time. :D

    The best way to see things is , you need to remove yourself and observe people. Look at sachin batting when every one failed , he fails also.

    I am just incoherent cricket fan. Hahaha.,

    People always bark at wrong tree, They really should look at their belief of sachin first. Others are your mirror. if you know how to use it. you are all actually talking to yourself.

    All the time. It is just that you do not want to see that part, All illusions. :D

  34. Shaitaan says:

    Uper the gur gur the annexe the Toba Tek Singh the mung the dal of the Alex and Sachin dur fittey moun

  35. Aleks Fan says:

    sir, please accept me as ur follower. These ignorant ppl mk fun of u but i realized u r speaking truth. not just sachin everything in life. Too much steereotype in life very boring, do it sehwag style, Alex style. I also see one post on this blogroll only on you. I get angry I use Alex name and tell them truth. Alex do not exist, i can be alex if i think like alex, i m alex only no? please sir, you should tell them truth in your words. It is called ‘all padded up’.

  36. @ shaitaan

    LOL! A manto reference in a blog about quantum mechanics! superb! unfortunately you’ve disproven the shaitaan=alex theory unless QM is even queerer than we were led to believe
    .-= karachikhatmal´s last blog ..This Post is Not an Elephant =-.

  37. alex says:

    Wow. Sachin fans comes with all kind of ideas to disprove my “Truth”. Hahaha.

    Not worky, I do not exist. So you need to only look at yourself. :D

    I exist only in your mind if you reacts.

    Sachin is a stat whore. It is absolute universal truth. Nothing better. hahaha. :D

    You can only make fun of yourself , if you react. Hahaha, Monkeeeeeeeeeees!. :D

  38. Shaitaan says:

    @ karachikhatmal: You said it: If I were Alex I would be “queer” indeed.

  39. alex says:


    Sachin fans looking for answers , how do i respond to alex. Keep at it.

    Nothing will work. I am teflon! I do not exist.

    Understand this again , you are talking to yourself. Always.

    Only way is sachin prove me wrong and win single game for india on his own or all sachin fans begs for mercy. :D

    Your sachin god is shit!. :D

    why do you want selfish midget as GOD?. why not make parthiv patel as your god if you liek selfish midget?. :D

  40. Shaitaan says:

    Hehe. Alex saying: ‘You is talking to yourself.’ Twenty times he saying. But if I is talking to myself like Smiegel to Gollum, is a private talk, no? Why Alex is riling up and respondinging?

  41. Rohan says:

    We Won! :)

    Well done, Bhajji! If only you could do this stuff more consistently..

    Gotta give credit to Amla though! The way he was batting, he could’ve hung around for another 5 days.

  42. raghu says:

    Latest addition to sehwagology

    “for me the defensive shot is a risky shot”