Due to work on my flat I was up early enough to see the Australia v Pakistan 2020 game.

I would never usually get up before 10 for limited overs, I’m not an animal.

This time I’m glad I did.

Not only did I hear James Brayshaw, aka JB, call Dirk, Dirty Dirk, I also saw Dirk bowl the senond last over for 2 runs and take a wicket.

I think that gave me an emotional orgasm.

I was pushing the Dirk bandwagon when there was no bandwagon, so to see him today, hirsute and magnificent, was almost too much to handle.

This bearded man is a marvel, and were it physically possible I would offer to have his babies.

Even in his interview he made me proud, while Healy was asking his usual sports science questions, Dirk just said I just bowled short and then at the stumps.

This is our cricket Renaissance man, and to see him finally end up where he belongs makes me so very fucken happy.

Well played my friend, well played.

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0 thoughts on “Dirty

  1. Dave Birds says:

    I felt the same say about Graeme Swann. 10 years ago I spoke to the leg end Geoff Boycott on the phone on TMS and asked him about Swann’s chances of playing… “Do you watch cricket?” was his curt reply. Occasionally those words still haunt me today, but mostly they’ve been washed away by Swanny being so cool, funny, decent, all while scoring runs and taking wickets. Rock on Dirty Dirk and Swanny – may your late introductions to international cricket be glorious.

  2. Omair Zahid says:

    Beautiful words. *Teary-eyed*

  3. Mock Wah says:

    Dirty to the core..! I guess JB better leave a comment or two today! we’ve caught him on air!
    .-= Mock Wah´s last blog ..DLF IPL 3.0 – In bed with Gauti =-.

  4. Lou says:

    All three pace men were hitting 150+. What amazing bowling short form cricket can produce.

    It’s is great to see Dirty in the team at last.

  5. Kristian says:

    Brilliant game to watch. Isn’t that the Aussie’s first T20 win since forever?

    Also, just wanted to make mention of the Windies tour match the other day against a PM’s XI.

    399 from 45 overs?! Gayle 146 off 89?!?!?!? I know it’s only a PM’s XI, but still…

  6. Nathan says:

    That first spell from Tait was awe-inspiring. The other two were pretty nifty as well. 3 for 13, thank you very much and 3rd fastest ball of all time, thank you very much.

    Hearing the commentators refer to him as Dirty Dirk had me and missus cracking up. So much pace though, was wild.

    Watching Rana Naved get hit in the chest with a 150km/hr pill and just flip it off was special. Testicular fortitude+.
    .-= Nathan´s last blog ..That was mindblowing =-.

  7. alex says:

    I hope dirk gets a spot in Test matches.

  8. horatius says:

    All hail the dirty one. He’s avoid the UncleJ’s endorsement curse and has actually made it.

  9. Deep Cower says:


  10. Yawn says:

    Dirty who? The most awaited match of this year so far kicks off in a few hours. Go Blues!!


  11. Rishabh says:

    I thought Johnson was spectacular, going for only 4 in his last 3 overs after the elder Akmal had smacked him for 20!
    .-= Rishabh´s last blog ..Australia sweep Pakistan – metaphorically =-.

  12. alex says:

    dirk needs to develop more weapons than short ball and straight… he can improve with angles and even incutter..

    Kamran Made mj his biatch….he was lucky next 3 overs with field spread or he would have leaked 60 runs.

    Tait was bowling fast and furious , it is just that batsman were afraid of him today as he was controlled and extremely fast…the thing is if batsman smacked him successive 4s , he would have complained mental exhaustion again.

    Only dirk rules. Man from Pleiades. Ha. D

  13. Nesta says:

    I understand you were orgasmic, it was very early and had tears of delight running down your cheeks mate but you seem to have missed that Dirk was clean shaven last night. I know he’s not there for his batting but his running between wickets needs a bit of work. I reckon Dwayne Leverock could beat him over 22 yards!
    .-= Nesta´s last blog ..India v South Africa Series Preview – Part 2 =-.

  14. alex says:

    India screwed up. Saha as batsman? Selector messed up. They should have selected batsman. And also dhoni is making mistake by not taking 5th bowler mithun instead of saha who is not really test class batsman.

    It will be tough for india to come out with a draw.

  15. Deep Cower says:

    Nesta – Nice series preview, enjoyed reading it!

  16. Jamie64 says:

    Gayle might have moosed 146 but dropped twice before 20, and both were absolute sitters.

    Anyway, it was fun to watch.. ;)

  17. I love the fact that every time he plays, whatever the nationality of the commentators, they always say that he (1) was late to the game, (2) is a pro-standard snowboarder and (3) speaks Japanese. You could script every interview.
    .-= The Village Cricketer´s last blog ..The Village Cricketer in The Times =-.

  18. Pras says:

    India taking a leaf out of NZ’s book – employing the two keeper strategy. (couldn’t come up with something wittier than leaf and book)

  19. Hewy says:

    Really happy to finally see him bowl for Aus in his second game after being cruelly robbed of a chance to tear through the Poms on a green top last year.

    I thought he might have bowled a little bit faster – seemed to be holding himself back slightly but he had great control.
    I had a bet with a mate before the game that he’d bowl faster than Tait (I’d seen Tait trundling in the 140’s for SA the last couple of months). Fair to say I got that wrong.