Can you draw a cricket sadist?

The magazine needs you.

For the front cover of the magazine we need a visual representation of a cricket sadist, cricket sadism, or cricket masochism, and no, you can’t just put a picture of me.

If you can draw/paint/design this, please send it to as the magazine needs you.

I will let you be as creative as possible.

For the first cover, I will be the sole judge.

But for feature issues, I might make it more democratic.

I will try and use them all if I can.

So give me cricket sadism, or masochism.

The deadline is the 28th of February.


0 thoughts on “Can you draw a cricket sadist?

  1. Deep Cower says:

    Can I send a picture of you?

  2. Jay says:

    I propose a lobe Pakisatni fan being sodomised with a cricket bat whilst a single tear drips down his cheek, into a well of forever.

  3. Yawn says:

    Or Afridi giving that silly Christ pose as Modi drills a golden bat up his you-know-what!


  4. So how do I contribute to this mag?
    .-= christopher poshin david´s last blog ..IPL back in India – (MI) =-.

  5. lareina says:

    cpd: Step one would be taking the time (estimated: 1/75th of a second) to click on the link to the official site – the link that’s right there in the first sentence. Step two would be to find and read the information contained therein: specifically the bit about ‘Submissions.’ (estimated level of difficulty: 2/10)

    If you can navigate that, you’re set. Be careful, though. ‘S tricky.
    .-= lareina´s last blog ..Feet of Clay =-.

  6. […] PDRTJS_settings_1264154_post_773 = { "id" : "1264154", "unique_id" : "wp-post-773", "title" : "Cartoon+for+Cricket+Sadists+Journal", "item_id" : "_post_773", "permalink" : "" } Uncle Jrod at Cricket With Balls is after pictures for a new magazine he is launching entited Cricket Sadists Monthly. Here is his plea. […]

  7. Thwack…
    .-= The Village Cricketer´s last blog ..Cartoon for Cricket Sadists Journal =-.

  8. Advait says:

    The Village Cricketer,

    Thats hilarious! Afridi in a gimp maks hahaha.

    Have you sent that to Jrod on the CSM site as well?

  9. sud says:

    Lol @Lareina