cwb gets interviewed

The miCoach cricketblog (the big kahuna of cricket coaching sites) needed filler material for their latest podcast.

They turned to me.

That is nice of them.

If you want to hear it click here.

If you listen to the whole thing you are a braver person than I am. We talk about my book, coaching, family and christmas.

I tend to waffle on stuttering my way through long analogies I have forgotten the point of.

But I do bag Greg Chappell’s coaching.

I had trouble getting it to work in firefox as well, just try another browser if that is the case.

PS: If anyone does listen to the bit where I talk about Victorian legspinners, the player I meant was Craig Howard. If you are reading, Craig, sorry. Can’t believe I forgot your name.

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0 thoughts on “cwb gets interviewed

  1. Sir Paddles says:

    Whaddaya mean “another browser”.

    Firefox is the only real browser. IE is worse than having your teeth pulled out while Safari…….no, just no.

    At least you bagged Greg Chappell.

  2. Deep Cower says:

    Sir Paddles, Chrome ain’t bad.

  3. Always a pleasure, never a chore. And don’t worry I cut out much of the suttering to make you sound smoother than a Mayfair King Size.

  4. Johnny Twoshoes says:

    Out of stock? I finally get around to pulling my finger out and going over to Amazon (actually, I was waiting for that last invoice to be paid but I digress) and it’s out of stock!

    Does the book actually exist or is it some in joke that I don’t understand as I’ve only recently joined the ranks of cricket tragics?

    • jrod says:

      I don’t even understand the injoke. Amazon have the book, have told some people to expect it next week, and yet it still says out of stock on the site. Obviously I offended Amazon at one stage. I think you can still order it, and they say it will be there by late January early feb, but it should be there way before then.

  5. Johnny Twoshoes says:

    Thanks, Mr Kimber. I will be ordering right away.

  6. Johnny Twoshoes says:

    I listened to the show whilst at my club and enjoyed it quite a bit. (By my club I mean the gym but that doesn’t sound quite as good).

    It seems Mr JRod has once again ended up with a less than flattering microphone. Questions are being asked – are the audio gods out to punish you for being a filmmaker? All audio people know that film/video/tv people are idiots and that sound is 80% of any movie or TV show. Or are you worried that with a good microphone your voice will not be up to our expectations – you can always blame the audio on a bad mic that way.

    • jrod says:

      JT, It was sunday morning, and instead of getting out my laptop with the good inbuilt microphone, I used the computer with the bad inbuilt one. From now on I shall try and use the other computer, but I have no good microphone any more, i should get one.

  7. Joel says:

    Why the fuck wasn’t I mentioned more!!!!!!!

  8. Joel says:

    I read that one too – you need to give credit more to your muse!!!!!!