This is the text I have used on the FREE SULIEMAN BENN petition.

Dear ICC,

Your decision to incarcerate Sulieman Benn is rubbish.


Cricket is a game with passion; yesterday was a perfect example of it.  Had Benn thrown the ball at Haddin’s face and started smacking Johnson around the head, bans would have been justified, but what was he actually banned for.

An ugly accidental incident?

Benn bumped into Johnson by accident, Johnson pushed at Benn because someone had bumped into him, and Benn pushed back because someone was pushing him.

Was it heated, yes.

Was it unnecessary, perhaps.

Was it badly officiated, absolutely.

Was it a confrontation between passionate test cricketers who were in the heat of battle trying to win a game for the country, oh yes.

So why penalize anyone?

No one got hurt, no one instigated contact, no one ruined cricket’s precious little image.

If anything, incidents like this prove that professional cricketers are not robots, that winning matters to them. They aren’t just billboards waiting for a beer company to put another stamp on.

Benn is a fiery guy, which is why I like him, and in the future he will get suspended again for doing something wrong, but this is not the time.

This is a miscarriage of justice, and Benn must be freed.

If the ICC believes that someone must be banned for all this “ugliness”, they can ban Chris “spirit of cricket” Broad or Billy “lover, not a fighter” Bowden, I doubt there will be many tears for them.


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0 thoughts on “FREE SULIEMAN BENN

  1. Johnny Twoshoes says:

    This isn’t fun anymore. Screeching racism at any time something doesn’t go your way is just boring and distracts from genuine racism. Is it that attack is the best form of defense? Pot and kettle syndrome? And why is misogyny considered perfectly OK?

    The disingenuousness of it all is just puzzling.

    Disappointed and out of here.

  2. Sunny says:

    its always a bit rich when aussies accuse others of parochialism. for every equal opportunity bigot like jrod, there are a thousand reporters like malcolm cunt or posters such as little lund!

    the takeaway point from here is that chris broad is a twat and as prem panicker has elegantly pointed out, he has been a twat for a while.

    watching the entire action its clear that been was chatty (something the aussie cricketers condone) but the escalation was done by haddin and johnson’s shove was completely deliberate. yet they are merely fined while benn gets suspended. in broad’s words, aussies might only be pushing the limits of appropriate behaviour on the field but he himself is pushing the boundaries of common sense.

    i wonder what the unbiased and saintly australian are now saying when the windies are only 50 odd runs away (while missing the lord megachief) from tying the series…a series remember these fine purveyors of misguided opinions were telling us would be utterly one-sided because a b-string side was visiting. maybe that was the reason for haddin’s frustrations — my team has fallen so far that we are struggling to save a match against the 8th ranked team of no-hopers in the world.

  3. raj says:

    Well. Sunny, Australia will win today and watch out for the celebrations :-). Would be revealing though – Mighty Australia going bonkers over narrowly beating West Indies!

  4. The MG says:

    As I said on another blog, don’t think this is necessarily racism. But it does suggest some form of bias with the disproportionate punishments handed out to players in this match and in Adelaide, and for me this bias seems very much in the favour of the more influential team in world cricket. Don’t want to upset the strong Aussie fanbase, do we? Thankfully, the more intelligent Australian fans can see the lack of equality. No need to shout racism, but I think it is time to get angry about the treatment of the less influential members. And as a proud Australian, I’m cheering on the WIndies for as long as they last today – since Ponting has been captain I haven’t had the stomach to support this country’s team.
    .-= The MG´s last blog ..Well =-.

  5. LL says:

    Oh Sunny your parents were a tad optimistic w.r.t. your disposition when they named you weren’t they.

    What’s caused your chip on the shoulder? Is it because when you were lecturing in a white country the students laughed at you because your accent was unintelligible? Did it take you 6 years to finally get your PHD in history and not engineering? Did your beloved’s parents think you were too dark and thus blocked your wedding?

    Go on work yourself up into a frenzy you donkey. Go burn some effigies.

  6. jogesh99 says:

    Lower Lifeform
    Oops, looks like that little romp in Sydney’s finest brothel went way out of control (you can always boast the pedigree though, unlike most of your countrymen).
    But its now time to end it.
    LL, my boy, see that lollipop lying on the other side of the freeway – fetch!

  7. LL says:

    Wow not only did you lecture at university and drive a taxi, you also worked in a brothel. Where’s my child support you stingy of prick.

    Pedigree? Hmm I’d rather be the offspring of criminals than slaves.

    As for the lollipop, tsk tsk, you’d think after being put away for being a pedo you’d have learnt your lesson.

  8. sunny says:

    real class little lund. i don’t mind the insults but for fcuk sake atleast try to be a bit original?

    jogesh99…thx for coming up with this nick…it suits him well.

  9. sud says:

    This petition should be renamed – ” Free Sulieman Benn, or you’ll have a Jrod up your arse”

  10. LL says:

    Yeah good one Sonny, calling someone a cunt like you and your Yogi did is totally original and classy eh?

  11. sunny says:

    yeah…malcolm (in)conn(tinent) would have been more clever.

  12. Yawn says:

    Benn was wrong; punish LL. Peace.

  13. BB says:

    >> you can always boast the pedigree though, unlike most of your countrymen

    haha. little lund owned nice and proper. your comeback sucked our 3rd world ass. pls do go fetch the lolly for all our sakes.

    – big butt.

  14. jogesh99 says:

    Ok ok, in deference to your nation’s child-rearing traditions, i’ll rephrase that:
    Little Lollipop, See that lund on the other side of the freeway – suck!

  15. jogesh99 says:

    LL> Pedigree? Hmm I’d rather be the offspring of criminals than slaves.

    Of course you would you whitey lund, and thats precisely what makes you so repulsive – that you celebrate your mass murdering ancestry, and denigrate the suffering of the victims.

    And a little history for your little brain – Indians weren’t enslaved, Africans were. The two continents are separated by an ocean, like our intellects. (West Indies, India, oh so confusing!)
    And, to overload the single-digit neurons in your caucasoid brain, the incredibly diverse and creative original inhabitants of the land you shit upon daily werent either of those – they were Indigenous Australians, or, as your kind refer to them, Aboriginis.


  16. LL says:

    Dismissed hardly you pompous asshat. When i referred to slaves i meant your country had been passed around like a common whore by whitey countries for the last 500 years. 3,000 years of culture but 50 of being masters of your own destiny eh.

    You have to leave your intellectual epicentre to travel overseas to get a “real” education eh. Name a world top 50 university in your country – LOL.

    Mass murder? Is there a neighbouring country you haven’t fought a war with? Tell us just how many people have died because you can’t get along with your neighbours. Tell us how well you treat the Adamanese you obnoxious twat .

    Actually while of got you, you work in a call centre right, does it piss you off when we whiteys hang up on you when we realise who you are?

  17. jogesh99 says:

    Walk into my parlour inbred.

    Yeah, Australia is replete with world-class universities – The University of Dijeridoo leading the pack no doubt. Heard of IIT, IISc, JNU, St Stevens, AIIMS, Vellore Medical College, to just name some of them. Or just ask the next brown-skin driving by in his Mercedes which university he’s from, when you serve him burgers. And all this in, as you pointed out, just 60 years. No wonder talentless little shits like you are feeling insecure, the natives are getting restless white boy, and theres a billion of them.

    As for whitey ranking, who gives a fuck. Even after this exchange you continue to labour under the delusion that we respect your opinion – fuck, you must be related to Ponting.

    History again pricklet, India was never one country – nor was the land you desecrate today for that matter – but your homogenised white-trash mind cant assimilate any kind of diversity so we’ll let that pass. How many languages do you speak btw? No, and dingo barks dont count. I’ll tell you what, you count the different ACCENTS you have in whitey land ok, and we’ll count just our written languages, leaving aside the thousands of oral traditions.

    >When i referred to slaves i meant your country had been passed around like a common >whore by whitey countries for the last 500 years. 3,000 years of culture but 50 of being >masters of your own destiny eh.

    Agreed without exception. I joyfully concede that your kind is the best at grovelling, sucking up, and then double-crossing, killing and pillaging. Its a one-line description of colonialism dickhead – and you have every reason to be proud of that heritage.

  18. LL says:

    Your parlour? Why have you finally got internal plumbing… but do you have a flushing toilet yet?

    I’m sorry but I’ve been to all the MacD’s in Sydney CBD and have yet to see a “whitey” behind the counter. True story. But fuck you anyway there’s nothing wrong with serving burgers you prejudiced knob jockey.

    Homogenised? You ignorant pus bucket. Australia has got more diversity in it’s populations origin than almost any country in the world. We’ll have our own Murali within a generation (with a fucking straight arm as well).

    C’mon you know as an Indian, unless you have a degree from a whitey university your nothing in India. They are not my prejudices they’re yours. You might disagree but there is a 100,000 of your countrymen that agree with me here right now. Of all those community colleges you mentioned, how many have international student populations that match ours?

    Speaking of languages dolt, what’s the most popular language in the world? C’mon type your reply in sanskrit, urdu or hindi, it’ll make more sense that your usual dribble.

  19. jogesh99 says:

    So the crowning achievement of western civilisation is the toilet. It figures – you just couldnt get your ossified white bones to squat, like you just couldnt get your prognathous white jaws to pronounce any syllables except those in pidgin English.
    Oh and try using water to clean your arse, it works better than paper. But that would require path-breaking multi-disciplinary research in a whitey university to establish, so i guess you’ll just have to continue to live in those spotty underwear till your greatest minds figure it out.

    You’re finding it hard enough to keep up with my English my dear monolingual moron, must you beg for it in more refined languages. I’ll tell you what, I’ll get Symonds to call you maaki.

    You couldnt have known this, since the Indians that come over there invariably excel, and given the local competition, how could they not , but they are the ones who couldnt get into any Indian university. Imagine what would happen to your lot if the real talent decided to come over.

    Re the burgers, sorry if I touched a raw nerve – got laid off recently have we? But you can always seek redressal in the macho Aussie way – gather 25 of your loser brethren and beat up a solitary indian.

  20. LL says:

    Yeah the toilet or sewerage systems aren’t important, you seem to be doing fine without them, I mean just look at the Ganges!

    It’s funny all those “dumb” Indians that travel the world in search of higher education just don’t seem to want to go home, I can’t imagine why. Just how big is the Indian diaspora?

    Dickwad you’ve got it arse about. It takes about 2 of our Lebanese descent blokes to about 50 Indian students. Even then thats not a fair fight.

    Whats with the burger fixation? Don’t you have burgers in India?

  21. […] Match referee Chris Broad has some explaining to do especially as the injustice was compounded by his lenient treatment of Watson (see above). If you feel as strongly as I do, you can sign a petition to free Sulieman Benn here! […]

  22. Jorgen Mokler says:

    You gotta be true Australian and living true to your culture and upbringing.

    By the way, what’s up with “2 of our Lebanese descent blokes”? Aren’t you motherfuckers are doing everything that you can deport Middle Eastern immigranats from your conutry? HAHA

    By the way, have you been able to clear highschool yet? hehehe

  23. Larry Schulman says:

    Please don’t judge Australians based on the comments posted by LL. There are few unwanted nuisance in every country and Australia got LL. Poor fella can only think so much and he potrayed his stature in his comments loud and clear for every one to see..

    He needs to know how desperate the country is for the foreign help, especially in medicines.. Why? cause such illiterate goons are causing havoc around the country and education is dying need in Australia..