293 is better than what you can do

Sure we’re disappointed.

We wanted our prophet to take us into the promise land.

But he gave us 293 reasons to be joyful.

There were dirty slogs, vicious cuts, effortless heaves, tactical drives, fairy floss guides, flat bat fuck offs, arrogant reverses and every kind of shot you needed to see.

And think of the extra tension he brought us by just being in over night.

The hope.

The anticipation.

The lust.

It is even possible that he was teaching us a lesson.

We all got ahead of ourselves; we were looking at 300, 401, 502 and drooling.

Maybe he just went, “let me teach them patience”.

Lesson learned.

While I am heartbroken he went out, and fucken tired it is 4AM here, I feel honoured to have stayed up all night to see an innings like this expire.

Thanks for yesterday.

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0 thoughts on “293 is better than what you can do

  1. Sreejith says:

    I was also waiting for 400. 300 seemed to be a minor milestone. But no matter. The way he plays I will be surprised if he doesn’t get another shot at this. Someone who was watching along with me at the office cafeteria was saying he could have got 7 runs.. but then only the god could have got 293 the way he did!

  2. mspr1nt says:

    Oh snap. He wanted to humble all of us.

  3. Kumar says:

    It wouldn’t have been Sehwag if he didn’t get out at this point. jrod said the spectators should kill themselves since there is nothing more to see. Well, now there is :-) GOD wants his followers to continue to keep their faith in him!

  4. Mock Wah says:

    Alls well that ends well.
    .-= Mock Wah´s last blog ..BBOTD-Maiden & Keeper =-.

  5. Prajyot M says:

    Nice Blog..i just happened to reach this website…wow..just superb..!!!

    I really liked this post on 293 of shewag…superb
    .-= Prajyot M´s last blog ..Google Wave : worth of try =-.

  6. alex says:

    I am disappointed but life goes on. Sachin is working on another century. I started to hate this fker sachin guy hope he break his leg soon.

    After God i switched off TV. Time to watch fringe and V episode i missed this week.

    I did n’t sleep whole night last night , god could n’t hit 300 because dravid was eating up so many balls. Atleast i can sleep tonight. 12:43am now.

    Oh well , as long as sehwag is healthy , he will go after someone. May be England next time.

    Thanks Jrod for all your worship on God , it was like ice cream after Heavy dinner (sehwag batting) . :)

  7. “flat bat fuck offs”….priceless!
    .-= Donthaveaclue´s last blog ..My Tendulkar Experience =-.

  8. Vicus Scurra says:

    In some ways I am pleased. I don’t think the world should remember Sehway because of records. Tom Graveney, Keith Miller, Jack Hobbs never bothered about averages and records.
    .-= Vicus Scurra´s last blog ..Just hit the ball =-.

  9. Vicus Scurra says:

    Or even Sehwag
    .-= Vicus Scurra´s last blog ..Just hit the ball =-.

  10. Dustbinner says:

    Christ, Jrod – it’s not even 8 in the morning! Did you sit up all night?

  11. Brad Hodge says:

    I could have done better than 293 if Punter hadn’t declared on me in Perth in 05. I was amazing that day.

  12. Jayesh says:

    O God dont allow humans (Rahul or anyone else) to dictate the game next time. Please take charge and fill our lives with joy.

  13. Ankit Mishra says:

    it is certainly better than what any follower can do…

    I second that “flat bat fuck offs” was priceless
    .-= Ankit Mishra´s last blog ..of Regrets, God and Redemption =-.

  14. Soulberry says:

    He had no greater ambition than setting his team up and a small personal target of 200. That’s what one made out of his evening oration.

    Must be fun to be able to bat as you like

  15. Ramki says:

    Your God should be banned from test cricket. He’s taken away the life with him. All i see now is some lifeless peasants going through their daily chores. Its painful.

  16. Rishabh says:

    Ah well, he’s got plenty more chances to score more. Just hope Indian curators don’t prepare more flat pitches to try and procure a record innings.
    .-= Rishabh´s last blog ..Sehwag paints the field red =-.

  17. jogesh99 says:

    I was hoping to see the unimaginable, a Mumbai crowd clearing out as Tendulkar walks in. But it was not to be, HE departed so suddenly that we all hung around, and were reduced to watching mortals slug it out. He makes Tendulkar the Immaculate and Laxman the Languid look pedestrian. How are we ever going to watch Test cricket again?

  18. Gurudatt says:

    And he said, I wanted to hit only the “BAD” balls ..

  19. He let us remain mortals so that we could witness more such magic from his willow! My favourite airline – Najafgarh’s Jat Airways!

  20. sathya says:

    well,he was not confident when he started the day and played in defense. he deviated from his theory.that was what cost him the record.

  21. Rishabh says:

    As I had expected, the whole of India and his followers around the world had jinxed him after yesterday’s play. I expected this to happen anyways.

    But nevertheless, what an innings he played. I hope he will reach at least 300 runs if not 400 some day before the Sehwagology ends.
    .-= Rishabh´s last blog ..God, Save Sri Lanka from this Aggressive Assault! =-.

  22. Rishabh says:

    @ Rishabh : Put in a last name or something! Distinguish yourself!
    .-= Rishabh´s last blog ..Sehwag paints the field red =-.

  23. Arul says:

    If not today, it will be another day for Sehwag. He will probably will do this in ODI very soon to be the first one to reach 200. It is just am tter of a day for Sehwag.

    It’s funny to see, earlier years ago he was described as not suitable for Test format, now he is changing the phase of test cricket and already a part of history and every body talking about him.

    Mr Brad Hodge,why you are not in the team now? How many times punter stopped you?

  24. alex says:


    Allow comments on your cricinfo article , so world knows we follow jrod, high priest of sehwagology. Hahahaha,

  25. Sudhir says:

    It was an Innings that even God could have sat all day long just to watch him play…..

  26. kris rajkumar says:

    There are the Sachins, Laras and Pontings and then there is Sehwag.

    God once asked, how do I know when sachin is playing? ‘You will hear the crowd roar my lord’ replied his minister. How do I know when sehwag is playing? asked God. When you see a ball and then feel the thumping in your heart my lord, replied the minister.

    Some are born great, few acheive greatness but only sehwag creates greatness

  27. alex says:

    Sachin s not even come close to sehwag. Sachin is just media hype of india’s loser mentality. When he wins the game on his own when chips are down , we can evaluate whether sachin is good or not. Ponting is miles ahead of sachin in every category that points to winning.

    Sachin can beg for his century and accumulate 50000 runs. For me it is empty stat. It does not hold any value. Empty pride for fools.

    Sehwag is the man. Every time he scores he put India in winning position , it is other people use that jump start and make it count. Dilshan is copying sehwag and alsmot successful. Hope dilshan scores double century today and srilanka score fast 450+ today.

  28. Siddharth says:

    Sehwag simplifies everything in life.

    When he bats, he bats simply. The ball is there to be hit. If it is a very good ball, defend. If the ball is not very good, go for the shots. He is not worried too much. He just backs his instincts. For him every ball is a new ball, no relation with the previous ball. He does not fret about the missed balls. If the ball is to be hit, he will hit it.

    That should be life.

    We should make it simple. Trust ourselves and our instincts.

    Every day we should try to hit our shots, not to worry too much about missing. If we miss, do not fret, the next day is a new day.

    Long live Sehwag for showing us the way.

  29. Jayesh says:

    The problem is Sachin was born earlier to Sehwag. If only Sehwag had arrived earlier, Sachin wouldn’t be what he is made out to be.

  30. saurav ganguly says:

    “flat bat fuck offs”….hahahahah LOL X 1000000000…dude that is a genius description.
    He fucks everyone man, he fucks everyone.

  31. prakash duraisamy says:

    Viru’s opinion on Dravid
    Virender Sehwag on why he thinks Rahul Dravid is the perfect cricketer

    To me Rahul Dravid is the perfect cricketer. By the time I decided I would take cricket seriously and make it my profession, Rahul was already doing wonders with his bat. While I always wanted to be like Sachin Tendulkar, there have been plenty of things I have learned from Rahul.

    His technique and temperament always fascinated me and now it is clear that his success abroad is because of those two factors. His technique is so good that he can be at ease on any sort of wicket and in any sort of conditions. His temperament and discipline allow him to adapt to different situations without discomfort.

    But it was only when I met him that I realised he is a special player because of more than just these two qualities. I read somewhere that attitudes are contagious; if that’s true, his is definitely worth catching. Everything about him is so solid – his character, his technique, everything. He is precise about his practice, and even in his speech he is to the point. There is nothing wasteful about him. Any kind of match is a battle to be won for him. You won’t find any difference in his level of commitment, whether it’s a domestic game, a Test match or even a practice game.

    I still remember my debut at Mohali. Rahul tried his best to make me comfortable in the dressing room. For a youngster these things make a lot of difference. When you are out of form, he is the best person to go to. His knowledge, about cricket and about things outside it, means that he can answer all sorts of questions, address all kinds of insecurities you can have at this level of cricket. For younger players, he is a psychological guru and motivator.

    Last year in Mohali when he was captaining the side, he told me: whenever you go out to bat, think that this is your day. When I got out after making 195 at Melbourne, Rahul said I wouldn’t realise then what I’d done on that day but would understand the worth and the implications of what I had done only later, and that sooner or later I would come to terms with it. It didn’t take very long for me to realise that if I had stayed at the crease a bit longer we could have made history. I think those two things really helped me plan my innings in Pakistan.

    Rahul understands people so well that when he talks to you it’s in a language you understand; he communicates not only with you but with your personality in a way. To me, he always gives small goals. He says, ‘Veeru, you stay here for an hour and the scoreboard will be full of runs.’ When I play a rash shot he comes and says, ‘Yaar why are you in a hurry to go to the dressing room? What will you do there? You’ll have to sit and watch others and think, O Shit, I’ve lost a golden opportunity to get a big one.’ Things like that immediately bring your focus back. Batting with him makes things simple. Like in a Test match when you see him bat and he’s looking rock solid, you start to think, ‘These guys can’t even beat his bat; the bowling’s not that great.’

    He is the pillar of our team and the batting revolves around him. Whenever we have done well as a batting unit, whether in Tests or one-dayers, it’s largely due to Rahul. Front foot or back, spin or pace, he has all the shots. But it’s his judgment about what shot to execute and when that makes him special.

    Whenever he gets out, the first thing we think is that we have lost almost fifty overs worth of batting. You know he puts a price tag on his wicket. Whenever he does lose it cheaply, he gets really upset. Everyone gets sad after losing his wicket, but after a while we forget and think ahead. But with Rahul he will think about it, work it out in the nets and make sure that it doesn’t happen again. You won’t see him get out in the same way very often. It just shows that he is quick to learn from his mistakes. There is a lot of passion in his performance. He got so emotional after winning the Adelaide Test last year he didn’t want to take off his whites, and I remember he wore them to the bar that night also.

  32. Yogesh Zaveri says:

    I was there

  33. alex says:

    Rahul Darvid is super Great not sachin. I hate sachin sob because he only worry about stats and begging for his centuries. he never won anything for india under pressure. Sachin is all media hype. Dump people in india who listen to media think he is good. He is only reason india keep losing world cup. He score big in easy games and when you think you need big score in crunch situation he disappears. In total you see he migh have scored 400+ run abut it is in useless condition. He will kill india’s chanced in 2011 worldcup. Mark my words.

  34. alex says:

    Here is critique of sachin by srilanka newspaper.


    I find it interesting. Indian media blames everything about aussie in cricket but they are silent about their boy sachin on the Umpire referral.

    Sachin do not want to get out. he is always looking for loophole. I find sachin is a cheat than real man.

    My blood boil every time sachin open his mouth. What a selfish whore.

    Lankan can’t blame india openly because BCCI gives them money by organizing cricket matches in India so they get half.

    It is pathetic though. Dilshan would have scored double century in first inning and we would not be talking about sehwag now and even srilanka might have won it.

  35. Sreejith says:


    I read the link you quoted. Very poorly written article. “They say statistics don’t lie..” Who says that, pray? The most well known quote regarding statistics is “Lies; Damn Lies and Statistics!” This Sa’adi Tawfeeq wanted to make a point that the umpire screwed dilshan by giving him out the first innings and he launched into India.

    I am open to people who want to challenge established wisdom. If you wants to make a point that Sachin Tendulkar is “a cheat” give some good reasons. Hell, give one good reason…

  36. Jayesh says:

    Yesterday was real funny. Shastri asked God ‘How well u were batting’
    God replied ‘I was only hitting the bad balls’ but in the dressing room they were saying ‘U were even hitting the good balls’ God replied ‘As fas as I am concerned I was only hitting the bad balls’ Shastri said’ Oh C’mon dont be so modest’.
    As far as God is concerned ‘All Good balls r bad balls- Only the ball on which u get out is the bad ball’- PERIOD

  37. poopsie says:

    Seejith, wasn’t he convicted of ball tampering?

  38. Jayesh says:

    Yesterday Kapil said on Aajtak’ The way Sehwag bats is not just difficult it is impossible’ -coming from someone like Kapil it says a lot about a man’s ability.

    Another thing is the ability of a person to deliver at his full potential. Deep within us we live in a fantasy world of heroism, but are rarely able to put into practice what we imagine. It is Sehwag who has the ability to put in actual practice what many just keep fanatsizing. It is like a real orgasm. And it sets him apart from everyone else.