the cricket book store

In honour of my new book I have started a new page for the site, the book store.

I am now in the position where people send me their books, and while I don’t review them like a critic would, i try and give you some sort of impression of the book, by talking shit.

Obviously after I have finished plugging the book it disappears down the order of the post and ends up stuck in the S-bend with the rest of the internet.

This way the books get to stay there forever and will be updated anytime I read a book.

It won’t be that often.

In there are my books, Gideon Haigh’s Ashes book, a couple by Lawrence Booth, Patrick Kidd and Nigel Henderson’s books (Nigel edited my book), and also a couple of books I like by a boxing/muscle writer by the name of Jon Hotten. Ok they aren’t cricket books, but it is my fucken store.

It is a Amazon store, so if you are in places that Amazon shit on, I apologise, but I couldn’t do a flipkart or Angus & Robertson one.

So go potter around if you like books.


0 thoughts on “the cricket book store

  1. The Gaz Man says:

    Nigel Henderson? Isn’t he Ginger Balls Collingwood’s only fan? I hope he didn’t masturbate himself into a coma with that man of the match performance at Centurian last week. Then again, if he is a true Englishman what else is there to cheer about when Ginger one is the only native Pom in the England ODI top six

  2. Jay says:

    what’s a “muscle writer”? Hemmingway?

  3. jrod says:

    Gaz, Surely masturbating himself into a coma makes him an ideal candidate for editing my book.

  4. the product descriptions are a bit limited aren’t they? are the books any good?