Can a batsman lose his nip?

Australia have dropped Stuart Clark for the Dougie Bollinger.

Bollinger bowled very well in India, and Stuart Clark is 34 and out of fashion.

This year Clark has been selected for 2 of a possible 5 test matches.

In one of those matches he was a key figure, in the other one he struggled in the dust.

At 34 you can get dropped without too many questions being asked.

His two Ashes tests were obviously a golden handshake, and Hilditch is now shuffling Clark towards the door.

On his way out Clark has to go past where Mike Hussey’s desk is.

I wonder if Clark thinks he has more “nip” left than Hussey has runs?

They obviously aren’t fighting for the same spot, but they are the same age, and I think Clark would happily stack his record over the last 18 months up against Hussey’s, even (as people keep reminding me) if Hussey did have a great one day series against India.

Clark wasn’t allowed to even be a back up and prove he had “nip” in India.

Hussey was.

That could piss Clark off.

If I was he, I may be pointing to the fact that Hussey has a tendency to make ducks and leave balls that bowl him, and that might be the equivalent of losing your “nip” for a batsman.

Both men came to test cricket late, one had lost test form for 18 months, the other had a couple of months of injuries slowing him down, but is now fit.

It pays to be a batsman.

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0 thoughts on “Can a batsman lose his nip?

  1. David Barry says:

    I’m not sure what he was like in the Shield game, but in the one-dayer recently Clark was bowling medium pace – hardly anything over 122km/h.

  2. Vim says:

    Yep, Clark’s slow, probably too slow to make his height count anymore but Hussey almost had me in puking in the Ashes, Stuey has never done that..

    I’ve never seen someone look like one of the petrified bodies from Pompei on a cricket pitch before. You could see the thought process as it froze painfully across his rigid, sweating face ‘leave it, leave it, leave it, shit, I shouldn’t have left it.” I mean fark, farking fark.

    I actually preferred watching Mitch’s child-like confusion and near-weepiness at the enormity of trying to lead the attack at Lord’s more than Hussey’s face of ultimate stress.

    What if Huss gets out cheaply three or four innings in a row?

  3. Jonathan says:

    Says it all.
    .-= Jonathan´s last blog ..Rolling duties =-.

  4. Hewy says:

    Good post. (you could get Jason Gillespie to do a foreword on this piece)

    But I guess we have seen Hussey bat recently and he’s going ok – the face of doom has relaxed a little. He’s got 2 tests to make runs or he’s out. We’ve also seen Clark and he’s been looking rubbish.

    Clark was doing special comments in the foxtel studio during the recent India/Aus ODIs. You could almost hear the groans every time Dougie took a wicket. He was asked about the 1st test lineup – he blinked a dozen times then mumbles that the selectors should go in unchanged from the last test. You could see even he didn’t believe it.

  5. steve says:

    “It pays to be a batsman”

    unless your name is Johnson or Siddle

  6. dasw says:

    “It pays to be a batsman”

    Experience? ;)

    BTW. Hewy is always right.

  7. Dustbinner says:

    The Muss has done well in the recent ODIs, but will he hold up in the test arena? The west aussie in me hopes so, but the realist in me thinks we should have Cam White in the side instead.

    Sorry Muss.
    .-= Dustbinner´s last blog ..EXCLUSIVE! The Inaugural Meeting of CRATRO (The Committee to Return the Ashes to Their Rightful Owner) =-.

  8. Vim says:

    CAM WHITE! No, no, what next? Cam White in the test team! How many genuinely ugly and not that talented batsmen do you want in the team? They won’t pick openers and now you are suggesting that they not pick batsmen either?

    It’s bad enough that the wicketkeeper who doesn’t know how to keep wickets is back, Mitchie can’t remember how to bowl except on the odd occasion and Hussey has managed to hit the shittest form of his entire career, in test cricket.

    I feel faint, I have to go lie down.

  9. Hewy says:

    Don’t lie down yet, Vim. You haven’t given Hauritz a spray.

  10. batting in ned kelly's helmet says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Andrew McDonald basically bowls the same stuff that Clark bowls except … (check the speed gun people) … faster. Fact.

  11. dasw says:

    “How many genuinely ugly and not that talented batsmen do you want in the team?”

    You must be confusing him with Cameron Ling.

  12. Hewy says:

    Geez, Ned. Stuart Clark is in a bad place at the moment. Do you have to rub his nose in it?

  13. Steam Wah says:

    I guess it boils down to this.. Aussies want to have flame throwers in the bowling department, they have given up their hopes in the spin dept anyways (it shows) So, when they pick Mitch, Sizzle, Lee (whenever that happens) Watson, Hilfy, and now Doug it is clear that they dont want to bowl Venkatesh Prasad stuff at the opposition. In the batting however there is a huge hole to cover with langer, hayden, martyn, gilly, include Roy to that. Now when Clarke misses put due to injury, Ricky is home sick, Katich gets a nasty one in the nets.. who else has the experience to see them through.. Aaah someone called Mr. Cricket. They will play him till the end of days, although it seems time is running out. Already, playing only one specialist opener is a gamble.
    .-= Steam Wah´s last blog ..B.B.O.T.D- Birds of the same feather =-.

  14. Vim says:

    Ginger Mick is a very smart bowler. He’s a good fielder and in the last test he played he finally looked like a batsman, so what’s not to like?

    However with Watto seeming to be Mr Indestructible all of a sudden, he’s not likely to get a run again.

    And there’s no need for me to give Hauritz a spray, he’s done well with the chances they gave given him. The only reason Swann ended up with better figures in the Ashes than him is because he got to bowl on the only real spinners wicket of the lot.

    I think it is Haddin’s shittiness behind the wicket that annoys me most.

  15. Hewy says:

    Okay Vim, we’ll leave the Hauritz sprays to Jrod.

    But a Swann vs Hauritz matchup is like watching old people make love.

  16. Neil of Boston says:

    Hauritz is underrated– watching old people make love can be a beautiful thing! :)

    Stu is a medium pacer these days– game over for him.

    Mr. Cricket was useless in the UK– experience is no good when you let balls go on middle stump!

  17. Vim says:

    Neil, they all had experience in the UK. Hughes (just recently), Watson, North, Hussey, Katich have all played 2 seasons or more in Engliand County cricket. Christ, between them they may have played more English county matches than the English players.

  18. steve says:

    “watching old people make love can be a beautiful thing!” is probably why Test cricket is losing it’s audience.

    I’m so excited at the thought of watching the team that lost us the Ashes play all summer.

  19. alex says:

    I know this one is not connected to your article.

    Sachin the greatest ever begging?. Yep.

    Ironically, the Sri Lankans are claiming some credit for Tendulkar’s latest century. Realising the draw was inevitable, the Lankans wanted to end the match a lot earlier than it eventually did.

    But Tendulkar, according to skipper Kumar Sangakkara, requested for time to allow him to get to the three-figure mark. Said Sangakkara, “Tendulkar suggested we allow him to complete his milestone. Nothing wrong with that, we said, and continued the match till he reached 100.”

  20. alex says:

    Jrod you can anything about anybody , you can’t say bad about sachin then you won’t be allowed to write articles in cricinfo run by sachin die hard fans.

    • jrod says:

      Alex, that happens all the time doesn’t it. Ravi Bopara was bowling in the dark during the Ashes so Clarke could get one.

  21. Vim says:

    Imagine the stick Punter would get in some quarters if he asked to complete a century.

  22. Pete says:

    We’ve lost the Ashes yet the team, the selectors, the captaincy, nothing has changed. I thought only England did such things.

  23. alex says:

    if you ask opposition then it is freebie century , they do not even have to field so sachin can finish century then everyone can go home earlier. Pathetic if u ask me. He is only interested in stats and milestone. Horrible,

  24. poopsie says:

    Alex, a great addition to the Tendulkar myth. I loved the fact that he even bothered to celebrate after reaching triple figures

  25. Pete says:

    There’s no doubt some pressure on Tendulkar to finish above Punter on the runs and centuries tally. Wasn’t there some pressure from Sunny to ensure Sachin was selected in 1989 so that he made it in the team before the end of the decade?

  26. alex says:

    I hope ponting scores century in every inning he plays. I am praying. I want ponting to beat all sachin records. I am indian but i am for all fair way to get your century. Not begging.

  27. jogesh99 says:

    Even though Pointless is an arsehole in the highest traditions of Aussie cricket, he wouldn’t do that – the twat would think he’s tarnishing the boggy green!

    Look Tendulkar’s eventual century was meaningless, but the innings wasn’t, since India had actually contrived to almost lose the match. So fuck the stupid denary landmark, meant for the linear minded who can’t understand nuances.

  28. Vim says:

    So there you have it joges, even though I was offering a hypothetical it still gave someone a chance to abuse Punter on the basis of an imaginary action of his. God, what a surprise.

  29. anon says:

    “Even though Pointless is an arsehole in the highest traditions of Aussie cricket, he wouldn’t do that – the twat would think he’s tarnishing the boggy green!”

    This must be jogesh99’s idea of life with “nuances”

    – if so, I’ll stick to being linear-minded, its certainly purer

    What is is about the little short guy’s devotees that they have to be so crudely defamatory about everyone else?

  30. jogesh99 says:

    Anon and Vim, i’m not a great fan of Tendulkar’s record chasing antics either, or couldnt you figure that out.
    Pointless, yeah, its always open season on him, hes just that kind of guy. No wonder you admire him so.


  31. Anonymous says:

    @Pete, sunny was always an opponent of selecting players in their teens. he was also critical of sachin s selection at 16 . so. i surmise sunny didnt push his selection in any way. besides that, i agree with the rest of you

  32. batting in ned kelly's helmet says:

    Let me officially state (even though almost no-one is going to trawl this far back into old posts, but this is for you Jrod) I told you so. McDonald, talent. And whilst I’m at it, Hauritz, talent.