hussey and cook

I was struck yesterday by the fact that captaining a cricket side is less important than wicketkeeping, so I did something for TWC.

And I thought it was about time that someone got a little ranty on cricinfo about the king probot mike hussey.

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0 thoughts on “hussey and cook

  1. Vim says:

    You’re damn tootin’ on Hussey. If Clarke is fit, North – who has more centuries off 7 tests than Hughes has off 5 – might be dropped while Mike Hussey sits on his tod in the test team. The cheek of it.

    But I don’t want the other Hussey in exchange. Oh no.

  2. Hussey is the man in form
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  3. CM says:

    Yeah I’m with Vim. David Hussey in tests?

  4. Neil of Boston says:

    Completely agree with Hussey rant. Drop Hussey and fire Hilditch. give youth a chance and build a new dynasty. Aussies uber alles!!

  5. Gigi says:

    I notice that on his ESPN Cricinfo personal profile page, Hussey’s blurb now has a mini disclaimer right at the end stating his standards have eased from his disturbing early career stats, by a generic ‘Cricinfo staff’. Jrod, seeing as you have now been blessed with an ESPN Cricinfo password, stop whinging about him and change the profile to whatever you see fit.

  6. steve says:

    Given what we’ve seen, or haven’t seen of Clarke recently, I think I’g go with Mr. Cricket. At least he’s held a bat in his hand these past two months.

    While our other injured soldiers have ben sending regular reports from rehab., Pup has only been seen, not heard, wandering round fashion shows and models. He’s had his hair colour changed, but I don’t think this counts for form in cricket, does it?

  7. Shanz says:

    He’s had his hair colour changed, but I don’t think this counts for form in cricket, does it?

    Doesn’t it?!

    Oh god I am *fucked* when the season starts then, eh?

  8. Brad Hodge says:

    I am available and in form

  9. batting in ned kelly's helmet says:

    @Brad Hodge, bad luck with the current injury, and just when they were about to go all Matthew Elliot on you. ie a key player (Clarke) is injured-ish, so they need to plug a spot for maybe one test. So they pick an old guy who has whinged for years that he never got a fair cop, let him fail in this one test, and then let him fuck off for good. Twas gonna happen but now … maybe they will pick D Hussey if Pup is out. Same story, one Test, stop whinging, now fuck off.

  10. Hewy says:

    Jrod, did you just also refer to Phil Hughes as ‘The Future’? Maybe he should change his name by deed poll.

    Dropping Hughes was the most prescient thing the selectors have done. He was embarassing in that pre-ashes tour game and from that point on, you could see he was not going to make a run with his technical flaws being horribly exposed. That hasn’t changed. If he can fix the flaws then he’s good enough to get back in the side.

    I was clammering for Hussey to be dropped a while back, but has he actually failed in a single innings in the last 4 months? How’s Hughes’ form? Oh I forgot – he’s The Future. Can’t argue with that.

  11. Hewy says:

    And in breaking news, in the 1st class game NSW vs Tasmania, Tassie medium pacer Butterworth goes around the wicket to Hughes and bowls short into the body. Dismisses him for 12. Everyone now knows that’s how you bowl to Hughes.

    Oh, and Ponting says in his new tour diary that Hughes was dropped to protect him from getting pounded by Flintoff. Right, so you have now protect The Future against good bowlers. The Australian test team is not a nursery for learning cricket – you can do that playing domestic cricket.

    • jrod says:

      Hewy, Ponting drops Hughes to stop him getting pounded by Flintoff, and you blame Hughes, how bout blaming Ponting and Hilditch for being soft cocked dicks. Well done to Butterworth, he now has Hughes out in a way he still has never had the chance to go out in during a test match.

      Hussey has failed in the last 4 months, two ducks, and a 10 against the England.

  12. Gigi says:

    You don’t? Sorry. Just use Tony Greig’s one then, ignrntcnt69

  13. Steam Wah says:

    @ Brad Hodge – LOL
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  14. Dustbinner says:

    I love Mussey, but you’re right about his time being up.

    And if there is a quota on Husseys – Hilditch needs to be sacked.

    Oh wait … Hilditch needs to be sacked anyway.
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  15. Hewy says:

    Mate, I’m not blaming Hughes – he is as he is. But he had flaws and they were exposed and they needed to get him out of the side. Have you seriously ever heard of anyone being dropped to protect them from good bowlers? And then waltz back into the side when you’re supposedly playing someone easier? That’s my whole beef – he was dropped for the right reasons (he wasn’t going to make a run against good bowling because he’d been worked out and he needed to do some work), but the call for reinstatement is for the wrong reasons (he hasn’t improved his technique but he is The Future and hopefully the bowling will be easier).

    Re Hussey. Umm, would you believe 3.5 months? Look he should really have been axed half-way through the ashes – if not 6 months earlier. He wasn”t, made a ton, and honestly hasn’t looked back. I think he’ll get picked in the 1st test but I wouldn’t be concerned if he wasn’t. But I do reckon you should hesitate dropping someone when they’re in form especially for a ‘project’ player. If Hussey were to be dropped, I’d rather a straight swap with Hodge, rather than shoehorn Hughes in, when nothing has changed with regard to his situation.

  16. Vim says:

    I do’nt want Hughes opening the batting yet for Oz as I can’t bear watching a player that looks about as technically correct as Ben Hilfenhaus walking out with Simon Katich to open the innings. It’s doing something bad to my soul. How can a player step over to leg and expose his stumps like he is batting in 20/20 in the first few overs of a test match? I can’t bear it, I just can’t.

    I don’t much like Phil Jaques either for the first 20 balls he faces he looks like hell on earth, but Hughes is on another plane of depression.

  17. Hewy says:

    and I was too pissed to read what I was writing! Who is this toothy one you speak of?

  18. steve says:


    are you a cricket stylist?


    the toothy one is Mtich

  19. Hewy says:

    Of course – Mitch. Had a brain fade there.

    Speaking of style and such, it could well be a battle of pattern baldness for the 1st test.

    Krejza has been heavily mentioned as a chance for the Gabba. Of course Bollinger is in the mix.

    Do the selectors go with the baldie buzzcut or the hair plugs?

  20. jogesh99 says:

    Just get Chandrapaul and the match is over. The Aussie batting line up is irrelevant guys – Ponting and Katich should suffice.

    But check whats happening at Ahmedabad – the Lankans should win this one, if Murali and Herath can use the 4th day track.

  21. Vim says:

    Steve, I’ve never called myself one before. Does finding Paul Collingwood less unattractive as a batsman due to Phil Hughes looking so rotten with the slog stuff count as being a stylist?

    jogesh, Murali looks like a bit of a clubbie, doesn’t he these days? What’s going on? He might bowl them out on the last day but then again he might not.

    Ha, ha, Mishra is supposed to be protecting Sachin Tendulkar. I love it when night watchmen come out and then promptly go for a few shots.