Brett Lee is a double champion

You could say that NSWales won the latest Lalit soiree.

I say Brett Lee did.

That way I have to give NSWales no credit.

Well played, Brett.

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0 thoughts on “Brett Lee is a double champion

  1. Steve says:

    Not gracious in defeat , are you, Jrod! Lee made the Tn’T look dull and pedestrian, And that was just his batting!

    And much as I hate to admit that the nerdy Kat and Horrie have done good, (I used to knock them heaps), at least I can acknowledge that they actually do deserve their caps, unlike some of the over-rated blondes who seem to have booked permanent spots in the team.

    And at least now we know why most of the Baggy Greens go to the Blues.

    Perhaps Piddle and Twatto can forgo some of their media commitments to take some lessons in how to bowl from B. Lee? eat some humble pie at the same time?

  2. Park says:

    Suck it up, Vicboy.

    It must be some compensation to know that Victoria are close to the best domestic T20 team in the world. Just across the Murray.

  3. BigBen says:

    That he did mate, that he did. I hate Lalit Modi, and I hate NSW. But that was a brilliant showing.

  4. Moses says:

    @Park, quality!

    @Jrod are you saying that Vic are so pants at T20 Brett Lee can beat them on his own?

  5. Pete says:

    Park has said it all, i’m enjoying this win so much it feels illegal, and there’s a year of bragging rights as well.

  6. jogesh99 says:

    brett lee sounds like a spagetti kung-fu movie star.

    i’m actually looking forward to the 7-matcher starting tomorrow – sehwag v/s brett steaming in …

  7. Last Laugh says:

    If you can’t be write it I will.

    Some bloody good fielding and catching won that game.

    A fantastic all round team effort.

    Congratulations NSW.

    Commiserations TnT you fell just short but were also winners. You may have just jumpstartted WI cricket better than any shock paddles could.

  8. poopsie says:

    Big deal – he is still crap at test cricket and will never play another 5 day game in his career

  9. Lou says:

    He’s chucking worse than ever, but at least he chucks at the stumps.

  10. Red says:

    Brett Lee IS NSW.

    So NSW accepts your congratulations.

  11. Matt says:

    Poopsie you are wrong, normally the experiential capacity to earn wickets increases with age, as pace diminishes, a la Lillee. Brett has never been in Lillee’s league, but his pace continues unabated as he is entering a patch of the greatest ‘old dude skills’ form of his life. I am quietly confident that he wants to change his ‘most bagged to 300’ status into ‘most explosive from 300-400’

    I’ve long been a bagger (until the Sri Lanka series a couple of years ago) and have never been off the Brett is shit bandwagon- until now…

    Brett is god.

  12. jogesh99 says:

    Lou, he’s always chucked his bouncers. is he chucking his yorkers and beamers too now, with the blessings of Hair’s ghost?

  13. Lou says:

    He’s chuckin’ the lot. Footage of him is making me wince. But I also say, good on ya, Brett. Chuck the Indian team right out of the series. If Botha can front up with his chest on darts, Brett can wind-up like Roger Clemens if he wants.

  14. poopsie says:

    Matt – if Brett is your god probably best to find a new religion

  15. Lou says:

    jrod, please feel free to excoriate Watson. I have never, ever seen such utter filth bowled in a one day game in one over. E’s tops that lad.

    And he got out to lbw to the type of beastie ball that will always get him lbw.

    He’s as bad as Mitch for extremes of bad to good.

  16. matt says:

    But I like my new god poopsie – he’s a much better cricketer than chewbacca.

    Yeah Watto’s last over was FILTH, but no more so than the decision to leave Lee and Hauritz with overs still in the bank, and he is still one of our best 11 at 50 over cricket…