Bangladesh becomes a bye

In the future I hope Bangladesh become a powerhouse of international cricket.

They play cricket in a way that excites me; they love spin, attack without thinking and have a passion for the game.

But if Andrew Strauss goes through with his plan of not touring for a test series against them the ICC have to step in.

Either there is too much international cricket, which is doubtful, as there is less International games than what an English pro plays in 6 months for a county team.

Or Bangladesh, after all these years of struggling, has now become nothing more than a bye on the international fixture.

In the last 12 months Strauss has played 7 useless one dayers against Australia, was scheduled for the same against India, and then flew to South Africa for a tournament most people have probably assumed didn’t exist any more. He also played a handful of games for Middlesex.

All of these should be less important than a test series, even against the worst test team in the world. Clearly they are.

Australia had also once thought of sending a development side to play Bangladesh in a test series, the only reason they didn’t was because they didn’t want to hand out test caps to players who were not good enough to make the proper team.

If Strauss doesn’t play, I would doubt that Dhoni will, and we all know that with Australia’s love of resting players eventually they will rest players for tests.

So where will that leave a Bangladesh side that sells no tickets and can’t win enough matches to earn respect?

If you said Fucked, you’re correct.

The ICC need to get off their hairless asses and take a look at what is going on.

I know it is easier to fly around the world, say aids is no good, tell KP to put more tape on his pads, host pointless committees and pretend that they never funded a dictator, but once, just fucken once, why don’t try and fix a problem in the game of cricket.

Then they can go chew on cigars at their gentleman’s clubs, smoke crystal meth off the metallic underwear of their teenage lovers, or watch strictly come snuffing.

I don’t care, but Bangladesh is now not an important venue for the test captain of England to automatically turn up.


This is your job, not ensuring the yahoo corporate catch phrase is played at the right time.

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0 thoughts on “Bangladesh becomes a bye

  1. DingDong says:

    I also see a failure in the ICC’s future tours programme in giving teams like Sri Lanka enough test matches and matches against good opponents (South Africa, Australia, India etc)

  2. The new FTP will sort all of this out….oh, wait. Scratch that. The new FTP will only make things worse. That’s better.

    Your point about English pros is incorrect – they only actually “play” in half the matches they appear in. The rest is just the equivalent of standing around by the coffee machine.

  3. Spot on.

    (short and sweet!)

  4. jogesh99 says:

    It could get worse – the big guns want a two-tier test system so that they dont have to play these guys at all. India is the worst offender, they just cancel the tours in toto, fuck playing a second string Indian team and all that … .

  5. Stani Army says:

    Excellent article. The only teams that seem to show Bangladesh respect are Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

    If the English side was not full of South Africans, Bangladesh would easily give them a run for their money at Test level.

  6. Leg Break says:

    Wouldn’t Strauss’s ECB contract mean that he will have to tour??

    Or is the ECB as toothless as most other national bodies around the world. (Apart from Modi of course. He’s all man)

  7. Lou says:

    I remember when they gave the Aussie’s a real scare in a test match about 4 years ago. It’s a bit cheeky to assume they are a walkover if that is what Flower and Strauss are doing..

    At least Punter is fairly democratic with his sitouts. He’ll skip a game against anyone!

  8. Cricket Bats says:

    What the ICC have to step in !!

    For years Sri Lanka were a walk over now they are as competive as anyone.

    If Bangladesh are to improve, they can only do it by playing the best teams in the world.

  9. SixSixEight says:

    Hey Andy could sit this one out [I wouldn’t miss him anyway] and they could just give Key the job? Well I can dream can’t I?

    If they don’t make him go [and I wholeheartedly agree that he should be made to go] then it would serve us right if it went tits up. Bangladesh need to play the top teams, but at home I reckon they are more of a match for us.