Strauss ruins cricket

Today Andrew Strauss called back a batsman who was out because he didn’t want to look bad.

Is that what cricket has come to?

Worrying about how your team will be portrayed is now more important than winning a game of cricket.

It can be the only explanation for calling back Angelo Mathews after he ran straight into Graham Onions.

Onions did not change his direction, all he did was hold his ground, Mathews ran into him, that is Mathews fault.

It was unlucky, but are we going to start calling people back when they are unluckily out?

Should Australia have called back KP went he head butted the ball to short leg?

Why aren’t batsmen who are run out off the bowler’s fingers given such special treatment.

Should India have told any batsman that went out to Agit Agarkar that they could have a second go?


Shit happens.

Cricket is a cruel mistress, and it wanted Angelo Mathews out (perhaps because he doesn’t exist), so one run later he was out.

The batsman’s job is to get around the bowler, as long as the bowler doesn’t do a Brendan Julian hip and shoulder, all is fair.

I miss Paul Collingwood’s captaincy.

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0 thoughts on “Strauss ruins cricket

  1. Lou says:

    Jeeeeeesus, that is what I thoughtl. It wasn’t about Strauss being a good guy, he was just worried about that bunch of rabid dogs, the British press would bark about him. And now they will deify him.


  2. Brett says:

    Disagree. Sportsmanship is a good thing about cricket. I wouldn’t have ripped Strauss for letting Mathews walk but I can’t rip him for calling him back either.

    Is there any other sport where a player can overrule the umpire like that?

  3. Leg Break says:


    No sport that I can think of.

    I think Strauss was scared of getting abused by jandal wearing Sri Lankans, frothing at the mouth is white hot anger, from the balcony at the end of the match.

  4. Jonathan says:

    Nothing to do with overruling the umpire – the umpire just isn’t allowed to give someone out without an appeal from the fielding team.

    I disagree, Jrod. Contact isn’t part of the game. Using your hands to get the ball on teh stumps is – if you happen to fluke it, fine, but not if you fluke a run out by getting run into, then it’s not bad to say that isn’t how we’re trying to play. It’s sort of like soccer players giving the ball back after an injury.

    I also have strong opinions about batsmen trying to run between the fielder and the wicket, but that’s another matter.

  5. Dhananjay Mhatre says:

    I cna say for sure now that you do not like Ajit Agarkar.

  6. jrod says:

    Brett, You can do it in golf and tennis. But was he doing it for sportsmanship, or was he doing it because he didn’t want to get bagged by the English press. I have never seen him look more grumpy than when he called Mathews back.

    Jonathan, They did appeal, Strauss then called Mathews back. Part of running between the wicket is not hitting the fielding team, it is in the rules. Always has been. If Mathews called no when he hit Onions, there might not have been a run out. Instead he stood mid pitch waiting for the umpires to intervene, which they coudln’t do because under the laws he was out.

  7. polky says:

    he was never going to make it anyway. thankfully god punished him for being a hack almost immediately…

  8. Aura Australis says:

    Good on ya Straussie! It’s not whether you win or lose …

    I am being serious. Fuck cheats, poor sportsmanship and win at all cost bullshit. That ain’t cricket.

  9. Paddy says:

    This denial of cricketing chivalry from an Australian who, while keeping wicket to my bowling this season, removed the bails with the batsman halfway down the crease yet refused to appeal on the grounds that “the batsman looked rather shit” (said batsman didn’t have the decency of Matthews to get out a few balls later but went on to make 24 and save the game).

    Not bagging you for your own moment of sportsmanship JRod, but admit it: you’re having a go at Strauss’s gallantry because you want the MCC’s Spirit of Cricket award to be given to CWB this year. And why not? Has there ever been a more deserving case? Just remember that you can’t say “cunt” in the Long Room at Lord’s when you go to collect your prize from Derek Underwood. Not even in front of the picture of Botham.

  10. Paddy says:

    That should say “halfway down the wicket”, of course. retard.

  11. alex says:

    If england lost …strauss would have been toast.

  12. Jonathan says:

    Jrod, if you have to appeal, then it’s your choice to withdraw the appeal – still nothing to do with overruling the umpire.

    I wouldn’t say they were wrong if they had sent him on his way, but it’s nothing like fingertip run outs and so on.

  13. Gaurav says:

    Ask Strauss, would he dare call back Dilshan ????

    Ask Dhoni would he even dare show sportsmanship by calling Malik yesterday (had he been into the same situation)

    *** Pure double standards… chosing as per the convinience to be the good guys one day and the other day the same lads are the opposite***

    Very few have the integrity and courage like Gilchrist…

  14. Narkins says:

    Today on the other hand he refuses Smith a runner when he looks like hes batting on one leg.

    South Africans = evil

    Even posh, public school english ones :D

  15. Brett says:

    Evidently Strauss got the Jrod’s message. No runner permitted for Graham Smith.

  16. sunny says:

    Very few have the integrity and courage like Gilchrist…

    teh funny!