booze cruise idol

You are captain of your country.

A job you really wanted.

You are on the most important tour your country has.

It all goes a bit shit.

You crack it.

You break a bat.

You drink until you stink.

You then think about the tour as a booze cruise.

regardless you are still a national icon.

A man of the people made good.

A hero and idol to millions.

I ask you balls fans, how can cricket be struggling when a gimpy drunkard is a national icon even if he wants to live in the desert to dodge taxes.

Long live cricket.

(And Pedalos)

(And Bungee jumping)

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0 thoughts on “booze cruise idol

  1. Dustbinner says:

    The cricketing pool is a bit shallow here in England …

  2. Adrian Kelly says:

    May the expression ‘gimpy drunkard’ live for ever!