Delhi’s Dirk Nannes

It has been a few days since I heard about Dirk’s decision to choose Delhi over Victoria.

And it still hurts.

I understand why he did it, I also know it was not a decision that was easy for him and that it wasn’t a decision one that he made lightly.

But it still hurts.

Cricketers are sort of like non-cricketers; some times they do things for their families.

Dirk is in his 30s, has only just made the big time, has not been groomed from his teens by the Vics, and is not your typical cricketer.

That is why I like him.

But that is also why he might not decide to play for Victoria like some automatically would.

Victoria is the team who gave him a chance, but he was running in and bowling fast well before they sorted out what he was doing.

He was picked to win them games; they didn’t groom him since he was a teen to make it to the top level.

He isn’t less of a Victorian cricketer than Brad Hodge or Cameron White, but he doesn’t have the child/father bond with them the way these boys do.

This all means I understand why he did what he did.

It doesn’t mean I like it.

I fucken hate it.

Victoria still has a top class bowling attack without him, but he is the nipple.

I wrote once that I thought that Dirk would pick Delhi over Victoria, but when it finally happened it still hurts.

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0 thoughts on “Delhi’s Dirk Nannes

  1. alex says:

    I hope nannes play ODI. He is the best bowler aussie got. He knows he got short time , he is going all out. Yes he may give runs but he also can crack a bone in opposition opening batsman.

    The thing with nannes is you do not know where he is going to pitch. He can tighten some technique that he has to make batsman guess on where he is going to pitch.

    He is the real fast bowler in the world. Brett lee is done. Shoaib akthar clearly throws. Steyn plays well when he see tailenders for bag of wickets.

    World need fast bowlers….plan Nannes in ODI.

    He is the faster bowler he faced – GOD. I concur.

  2. Jamie64 says:

    I’m hoping the Dirkster takes the new pill in the first test this comming summer.

    I’m seeing Siddle, Johnson, Dirkster as the pace attack.

    backed by disco bikkie Mcgain…

  3. poopsie says:

    Apparently his sole reason for doing it was to keep McGrath our of the Delhi line up

  4. batting in nedkelly's helmet says:

    Well, cricket is his second love, so maybe he thought it would be more appropriate to play for the team that is his second love. He’ll still ski for Victoria.