The honeymoon is over

My lady decided that since we only had two days for a honeymoon we should travel up to Manchester to see dirty dirk nannes play agaisnt the poms.

It was a sound idea, and even though public transport was down and we had to drive there we decided to go ahead with it anyway.

We got tickets in the dirty dirk section.

It all started well, it took barely more than 4 hours to get there.

Then after being told we could not check in at our hotel we made our way down to the ground.

Dirk warmed up like a Greek god before creating an ocean, exactly.

The whole crowd could look nowhere else.

It was all fine until Michael Clarke started crapping all over dirk’s day.

It was as if his innings was the very definition of human excrement.

Luckily another Victorian stepped up and saved the innings so that the game and my honeymoon.

Dirk was super ready to destroy England, but the aliens intervened.

They decided that Dirk didn’t need me to watch him.

So I was sent home by the rain.

Only after i took a sensational one handed catch off a cocky 4 year old.

A successful honeymoon I’m sure you’d agree.

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0 thoughts on “The honeymoon is over

  1. patgarrett says:

    I can only dream of such marital bliss!!

  2. A P Webster says:

    The transport is a bit of a nightmare at the minute up in Manchester, and I was a bit gutted too not to see Drik bowl, but some of the car park cricket was of a very high standard – I’m sure one kid was bowling faster than Sidebottom.

    Fingers crossed we get better weather tomorrow, although I don’t think the forecast is great.