Cricket with balls gets hitched

Today the balls get married.

We have a crickety wedding planned.

Cricket blazers and whites for the men.

Ceremony at the Oval Long room.

The bucks was at Lord’s.

I had a hit in the nets this morning.

There is a bat for guests to sign.

And the tables are named after cricket grounds.

Hopefully the wedding at the oval makes the place a bit more hospitable for Australians in the future.

Today Adam Voges makes his Australian comeback after not playing in South Africa because he was getting married.

It should also be known that on the day I proposed was during Bryce McGain’s test (coincidence I promise) and now on the day of my wedding it is Dirty Dirk’s debut.

How cool is that.

Wish us luck.


0 thoughts on “Cricket with balls gets hitched

  1. AndyinBrum says:

    My congrats to you, and commiserations to Mrs Cwb

  2. Moses says:

    well done JRod, sounds like an awesome setup and I’m sure you’ll have a great day

  3. Visesh says:

    Many Congratulations to you and the Mrs. Do post some photos of the crickety wedding.



  4. Ceci says:

    I am hoping for Mim’s sake you are not wearing an MCC blazer for your wedding and am wishing the pair of you a very very long innings

  5. here’s to another good innings…and match winning partnership…

  6. Homer says:

    Congratulations UJ…Here’s to a long and enduring partnership!

  7. alex says:

    It is great day Dirk is playing. God said he was the fastest he faced. He got his first wicket for australia!.

    what else happening ?.

  8. anonymous says:

    JRod – will you have abdominal guard on during your wedding ceremony?

  9. Lisa says:

    Many congratulations to both of you. Sounds like a lovely day and I hope your life together continues to be as happy (and cricket-filled).

    (Does this mean we should call her Auntie Mims now?)

  10. Dustbinner says:

    Congratulations Jrod – hope all goes well.


  11. Rob says:

    Good luck indeed, to you and the brave young lady.

  12. yenjvoy says:

    All the best to you both for a long and fruitful innings together.

  13. Leg Break says:

    Cool. There was a table called Gaddafi?

    Would’ve been fun to work out who sat there.

  14. Play straight, never sledge, avoid groping at a swinging delivery, and always guard your middle stump. Bowl the maiden over.

  15. steve says:

    Congrats to both of you!

    hope Miriam doesn’t catch you too often at silly point

  16. Mel says:

    Congratulations! A perfect match.

  17. patgarrett says:

    Congratulations and all the very best Jrod!

  18. ExCon says:

    Goood Stuff Jrod. Have a mad-dash Sehwaggy wedding.

    Next on agenda = Produce some England born Aussie lads who play for Netherlands.

  19. Jay says:


  20. Jake says:

    May your partnership declare unbroken, and all your children be legspinners.

  21. Moses says:

    Is Sehwag an ordained priest? Cause it would be really cool if he could marry you

  22. sunny says:

    is AB going to be singing in the reception?!

    good luck mate!

  23. achettup says:

    Congrats Jrod and here’s to wishing you and the Mrs a long happy married life!

  24. Miriam says:

    Thank you all for your good wishes. We had a tremendously fun day. Cricket blogging’s first ever marriage? I was a bit worried that it might have been too painful for the jrod and his cortège to return to the oval, which still bore traces of the celebratory confetti from the last match played there, but they managed it. It was also lovely to have a few members of the cricket blog community there.

    Oh and, the jrod cried.

  25. [Belated] congrats… the Oval. Top choice!

  26. poopsie says:

    I heard Graeme Smith and Jacques Kallis also cried as their beloved Jrod choose another.


  27. Riddler says:

    Two words – Vettori Threesome?

  28. Miss Field says:

    Congratulations again guys… it was a beautiful day, just fitting for such a lovely couple. It was an honour and privilege to be part of it.

  29. ©hinaman says:

    Congratulations to both of you.
    Sorry, its belated good wishes, but I only just found out.

    My very best wishes for endless good fortune and happiness.

  30. Uncle Mac says:

    If you haven’t seen the ‘Empire of Cricket’ series from the BBC, i highly recommend it. The Indian one is particularly gold.

  31. em says:

    best wishes to you both , hope dirk wont suffer the same fate as mcgain

  32. Jonathan says:


  33. Jrod,

    Mark out a middle stump guard and plan on a long innings. Congratulations mate.


  34. Prabu says:

    Congrats to both of you and wishing you both an unbeaten century…

  35. The Pav says:


    There is an after dinner speech done some years ago on “the Four ages of a cricketer”

    I suggest you read it so you understand what awaits you.

    Congratulations and may you produce the many great Australian cricketers or at least denizens of Bay 13

    Sure your missus know hows to score (cricket games) get grass stains out of whites , make afternoon teas & passes Level 1 coaching so she can run the local kanga cricket & bring the kids up right.

    All this I my missus did to try and understand the addiction

  36. Samir Chopra says:

    Are you fucking serious? You found someone to marry you? Christ almighty.

    Well, in that case, congratulations!


  37. alex says:

    if you could have get sehwag to be guest or something , you probably richer by now that 1 billion indian would be following your site…Ad price would have sky rocketed.

  38. BT says:

    A belated congratulations, Uncie J and Mrs. CwB

    Me thinks this site is the most superfluous in cricketing analogy as any! The comments from well wishers are remarkable in wittiness

    P.s. I wonder where Sehwagologists have weddings

  39. Sach says:

    So UncleJ cried?
    That’s about the best news I heard for a long time.
    And JRod, will the balls be placed under supervision henceforth?
    The blog I mean.