The Hope and the Freddie

The man came out to the sort of applause that makes young men want to take up cricket and makes girls with dubious morals want to take up cricketers.

It was as if Jesus came in covered in beer and ice cream.

They stood as one unit, they applauded, the cheered, they shouted, they awed.

He did what he always does, he left his helmet off for long enough for the warmth to wash over him.

The crowd gave him the final inspiration he needs before taking on the filthy convicts.

The crowd loved every step he took.

He was hope.

19 balls later he was gone.

And the ground ignored his exit.

The hope was gone.

All they were left with was a large lad with a fucked up knee and 7 useless runs.

The oppositions all rounder had humbled him pretty easily, and the cheer he got for coming on the ground was going to have to be enough in his second last test innings.

The silence was not meant to be a slight, but it was.

They wanted/expected/hoped for more, and he couldn’t do it, so they did the crowd version of turning their backs on him.

For thousands of people in the ground this may be the last time they ever see him play, and he exited the ground to chats about Law Firms and the ruffling of the Times.

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0 thoughts on “The Hope and the Freddie

  1. Moses says:

    All they were left with was a large lad with a fucked up knee and 7 useless runs.

    Absolute gold

  2. poopsie says:

    Perhaps they have already gotten used to life without the overhyped Freddie?

  3. Hi Jrod.

    Absolutely loved your book. If amazon wouldn’t squeeze my balls with shipping costs, I would have had it earlier. By the way, how did you friggin get Gideon to endorse you?

    Now that I am done sucking up to you and your site, would you link my soon-to-be-regular-as-a-a-fibre-rich-grain-burger-fed-nobody’s blog on your website?


    And since you love Lalit Modi, you may want to scroll down to the bottom of the page to read “Stop pissing in my coffee”. OK…sorry for trying to waste your time…

    Sehwagolgy rules….

    cheers mate,

    -Sriram Dayanand
    Toronto, Canada

    p.s: on a more serious note, I absolutely love your site. Brilliant stuff…

    p.s2: I may even buy a T-shirt.

  4. steve says:

    it obviously isn’t going to go according to a Shane Warne script.

    But the, does he deserve it to?

  5. coachie says:

    great posting today.
    despite the last sessie, this could still be a great one.

  6. Kumar says:

    My apologies for an off-track comment:

    Sehwag has taken up the cause of junior cricketers from Delhi.Let us wish him good luck !

  7. Dustbinner says:

    Wasn’t it fantastic?? And they go on about him like he’s the second coming … hehehe …

  8. DelBoy says:


    will be interested to read what you make of Friday’s cock-up