Does Ramps toss little people?

I don’t know.

But any story that involves Rikki Clarke as Dr Evil and violence is good enough for me:

“Anyway, as the festivities wore on Clarke’s tiny sidekick sipped one too many of his master’s lagers and wandered off in search of his own fun. Mini-Me was obviously a tactile sort, because he embarked on a tour of the venue sampling the finest that womankind had to offer in the way of posterior flesh. I’m told that the diminutive stature of a dwarf lends itself particularly well to this kind of operation.

It’s here though that Mini-Me made a tactical error. He headed over in the vicinity of one Vandana Ramprakash in order to take his handful of her rear. Yes, that’s Ramps’ wife. And when saw the gross assault that was being inflicted on the person of his beloved he took the course any right-minded husband would do in those circumstances. He picked up the dwarf. And threw him. Against the nearest wall. Poor old Mini-Me was now well and truly plastered.”

For the full story pop over to Harris Sportsthoughts.

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