Narrating Ramps’ dream

In his deepest sleep, he always dreamt of the same thing.

The people wanted him; they screamed his name from every corner of the land.

They had not seen him in a long time, but his legend had grown with every year he was gone.

At first the wise old men were sceptical, but they feared their chance was slipping.

They called upon him.

The telegram arrived on a Tuesday, what a glorious day for good news.

The news had made him positively gay and giddy, so happy was he that he broke into a dance.

His friends came over and asked how he felt about the news? He told them he was happy, confident, that he thought he had deserved this chance and would his best for his country.

He had always hoped for this day.

There was not a moment he did not long to be back fighting the enemy, winning the people’s hearts and taking him the spoils.

He knew this would not be easy, the first time he tried this he went into so many battles, and only twice did he conquer his opponents.

While he was representing the same army as before the faces had changed, new generals, lieutenants and corporals were around, but this was not of issue to him.

His job was simple and yet dangerous, slay the enemy’s mighty beasts.

So many times when he was in the wilderness had he slain beasts, but these were puffed up farm animals, and now he knew that these were, at the very least, angry dogs.

Would his powers, now dulled ever so slightly by his aging exterior, work against this toothy adversary?

He knew not the answer.

It tormented hi.

Every day he grew more and more restless; he could see the battle coming up, would this be his last, would he even survive it?

The gay and giddiness was replaced by a grim foreboding.

Am I still the man to go into war for his country?

Was I ever that man?

The torment of not knowing the answer would always wake him up from this period drama dream.

He would check his mobile, answering machine, and email looking for Geoff’s message, but it was 3am, selectors don’t get in touch at that time.

He tried to go back to sleep.

His angst made him clutch his pillow just a little too tight, but his experience had taught him to just take deep breaths and sleep would come.

As he fell asleep he said, “This will happen. I can do it. I know I can… Can’t I?”

Soon he would be asleep again, and the very same dream would happen again.

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0 thoughts on “Narrating Ramps’ dream

  1. Dustbinner says:

    It’ll never happen, but wouldn’t it be funny if it did?

  2. Moses says:

    I hope they do pick Dance4Kash, for amusement values as much as anything else..