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The two major stories out of Headingley seem to be:

No team has ever panicked as much as England are with the scores tied late in a series.

Australia has already won.

Both of these seem to be media constructs.

Surely England isn’t really going to bring back Mark Ramprakash based on the fat their current selections have been shit.

And how could Australia really believe they have already won based on their 1st innings collapses in the two proceeding tests.

This series, more than most, has had to deal with artificial constructs from the media more than most.

Probably because, for all the hype, these are two very ordinary evenly matched sides that happen to be playing in the world’s most marketable test series.

Three of the main names have been injured.

Most of the Australian team is a faceless crew.

The English team has no general feel, except on the odd occasion of impending doom.

It is an odd Ashes.

But contrary to media speculation Australia have not retained the Ashes, or won this series yet.

Picking Mark Ramprakash now would be a drastically uncalled for disturbance when Jonathan Trott is in the squad and has a similar average to Ramps this year.

I think picking Mark Ramprakash would be on par with Australia deciding on the first morning to play for draw.

You can make a case of both, but you can also make a case that Robocop 3 is better than the first two because Robocop flies in it.

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0 thoughts on “Read all about shit

  1. Leg Break says:

    What I was thinking…

    Surely the Ramps thing is a sentimentalist UK media beat-up? Anyway, the Southern African cartel that runs the side will go for Trott.

    As for Aus playing for the draw; that’s England’s best chance yet.

  2. steve says:

    I thought running the story about how Flintoff was spurned by STrauss when he was all ready to play in the 4th test, just after they lost, was the big story.

    How shocked and devastated he was to be dropped and how he hung round the dressing room sulkily ignoring the other players. How much did that do for their morale, eh? Wonderful senior player behaviour. Really helpful.

    And then selling his sob story as an exclusive to the media.

    Poor Strauss.

  3. Brett says:

    I’d prefer a newer face but I’d even take Ramps over Bopara. Ravi has earned his demotion.

  4. anonymous says:

    I agree Steve – that completely destroyed the Freddie Flintoff farewell tour. I think that was poor attitiude from Flintoff, and may well cost his team the Ashes.

  5. Leg Break says:

    Anyone got a link to the Freddie interview?

  6. steve says:


    This is the link to the Times “exclusive” on how “they didn’t want me”

  7. Leg Break says:

    Thanks for that Steve.

    I’m assuming his manager is also a tosser?

  8. Chris W says:

    Ramprakash is a good player when he’s biffing division 2 bowlers around in the championship. It’s a big jump to Test cricket from there. Ask Mr P Hughes, currently unemployed.