Freddie’s knee, Strauss’ selections and lots of mixed messages

At Edgbaston I floated up a theory that Strauss and Flitnoff weren’t on the best of terms.

It was a baseless guess with lackadaisical reasoning and naked hunches.

Then I read a few stories about how Freddie had said he was as fit for Headingley as he was for Edgbaston.

Yet England didn’t pick him.

According to Freddie’s agent:

“He told them that he was fit enough to get through, that he felt no different to how he felt at Edgbaston and that he could get through and do his bit. They didn’t want him.”

So did Strauss crack it with Freddie because he thought he wasn’t fit enough to get through at Edgbaston.

Or is there something deeper going on.

England have already cleared Freddie to play in the next test.

That seems a long way out to clear him for duty.

And the wording is odd too, they aren’t saying he is fit now; they are saying he should be fit by then.

The ECB’s statement:

“Andrew Flintoff’s right-knee injury was reviewed today by his specialist in conjunction with the ECB and Lancashire medical teams. The advice received was that the swelling in his knee has significantly eased following the decision by the England management team to rest him from the last Test and that subject to further rest and intensive treatment, he will be available for selection at The Oval.”

There seems to be mixed messages going on about Freddie at the moment.

Either that or the definition of “fit” seems to be a fluid concept depending on who is using it.

This is what I wrote when he was limping around Edgbaston:

“Right now Freddie is walking towards me like a man looking for a zimmer frame, yet he is fielding at long on…”

Something is going on.

I have no idea what, but I figure I could accidently stumble onto it eventually.

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0 thoughts on “Freddie’s knee, Strauss’ selections and lots of mixed messages

  1. Matt says:

    I’d be grumpy too if my Gun who was pretty amazing in the previous test looked toothless and went scalpless in the next after claiming readiness for the contest.

  2. Alexander Pope says:

    They’re making him as angry as Bob Willis was in 81. You wait till the Oval. Strauss won’t bowl him until after lunch by which time he’ll be apoplectic. He’ll turn green and burst his shirt and trousers and bowl 186mph yorkers that will take people’s feet off.

  3. Agree there is something there, you don’t release a statement like Flintoff’s agent did unless you have a message to get across loud and clear, and Flintoff usually maintains a dignified silence!.

    It is almost like breaking ranks to say this, if all parties agreed he wasn’t fit then why did they not release a joint statement to say so. Also on the morning – maybe I missed something – but all I heard was that he wasn’t fit to play, no where did I hear or read that, for example – the england medical team had said he was unfit to play.

    It was last minute breaking news with no major detail in it, except the obvious. No one appears to have said who took the decision, or if Flintoff agreed with it, which judging by Chandler’s statement he didn’t.