Michael Clarke Debunked

Yesterday’s face saving innings (from an Australian, if not a personal perspective) has had a few people wondering if Clarke is one of the best batsmen in the world today.


Yesterday’s ton was his 12th in 81 innings, a strike rate of one every 6.75 innings.

In the current series, that puts him behind Ponting (exactly 1:6), but ahead of both Katich and Mr Cricket. But it also puts him behind Strauss (1:6.61) and Pietersen (1:6.06). Which, for my money, makes him no better than 5th in the world and probably not even in the top ten.Unfortunately for Australia, he’s currently their only batsman in any kind of consistent form and yet he’s still rubbish against the moving ball. If one thing emphasises Australia’s struggles in this series, it is that.

(Katich and Hussey, incidentally, have very similar records. One lost his place and fought and fought til he won it back; the other seems undroppable no matter how bad his form. Makes you wonder who deserves that Mr Cricket title more, doesn’t it?)

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0 thoughts on “Michael Clarke Debunked

  1. One could never have expected Mr Cricket to perform so consistently well as he did in his first two years of internation cricket?

  2. Hewy says:

    Jrod, your comment may be valid, but if the Krab is ever called ‘Mr Cricket’ I fear the game will never recover!

  3. Jamie64 says:

    Katich looks more and more as if he should have been in the French resistance during WW2…

  4. Jamie64 says:

    In fract, from now on I shall call him Le chat noir.

    The Black Cat.

  5. Lynn says:

    Mr Kricket, surely?