Marcus, what is that on your back?

If you had played 5 tests. Made a hundred on debut. Made a hundred on your ashes debut. And then in your 5th test saved an Ashes test, you’d be thinking your career was pretty safe.

If your name is Marcus North, you would be wrong.

Dead wrong.

It seems that almost nothing Marcus North does can guarantee him a spot in this series.

There is always someone in the cricket media saying that North could go if Australia wants an extra bowler in the line up.

That won’t happen.

But the fact that fans and the media keep bringing up his name as a potential axing is weird enough.

There was an article, fucked if I can find it now, which said he badly needed runs after Lord’s.

If he badly needs runs, what would you say about Michael Hussey, that he needs runs more than you and I need our assholes?

If (and it won’t happen) Australia wanted to go in with 4 more bowlers, Hussey is the guy that should be dropped.

Clarke is in career best form, and deserves the 4 spot more than Hussey does.

North could easily move to 5 without butterfly tsunami effects.

I am not sure what North needs to do in order for him to be safe.

Someone at Edgbaston told me they didn’t think his place could ever be safe. That seems unfair in a world where Michael Hussey can play shit for 20 tests.

North is a probot, and he isn’t really one of my guys. Sure he was born in Victoria, but it was Pakenham, so the two cancel each other out.

I thought he should have been picked before McDonald in Sydney, and was happy enough he got the next test, but I also know his record against Victoria is brutal, so the man cannot be trusted.

His main problem seems to be that he is the new Michael Hussey without the matrix defying average.

Average 50 is par these days, and that is what he has done.

In 5 tests he has had a significant role in 3 of them.

That should be enough.

But the next time Australia want to try something radical, or they just wanna force someone into the side, I’d have my money on North being an unlucky bastard.

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0 thoughts on “Marcus, what is that on your back?

  1. sahil says:

    He could be the Aussie Collingwood (though obviously in better form because everyone is always in better nick than Colly).

    If 50 is par for batsmen, when in the old days (up to 2000?) 40 was par, does that mean 35 is now par for quick bowlers? Seems a bit generous. I reckon 45 is the new batting par and 30 makes a good bowler.

    I’d be interested to know combined bowling average this decade compared to the last.

  2. realto says:

    If you can be dropped after you do really well in your first three tests and not so well for just another two (Phillip Hughes), then North is not safe. Having said that, why do the selectors not want Stuart Clarke? Is he unfit? If not, he must play in the next test, in place of Siddle, not a bowler.

  3. Jamie64 says:

    yeah I agree jrod.

    FFS, we’re talking about a guy who, with a tad of luck could have three test tons in 8 innings, Admittedly, he either gets them, or doesn’t. no pissy 20s and 30s for marcus. It’s all or nothing.

  4. Moses says:

    Average 50 is par these days, and that is what he has done.

    An average of 50 is not par if you’re English, well some of the bowlers in this series perhaps, but none of their remaining batsmen!

    Strauss 44.74
    Cook 43.97
    Bopara 38.53
    Bell 40.76
    Collingwood 44.20
    Prior 46.11

  5. Abhishek says:

    Jrod, on an unrelated topic, did you notice that Ian Bell is tweeting now…

  6. Hewy says:

    I have mentioned previously that Sandgropers only ever get a temporary pass into the side. North is just the new JL or Marto, constantly playing his last test.

    Hussey is the exception, but I’m pretty sure he has photos of James Sutherland with a farm animal. It would appear he lends it to his brother Dave when it comes time to select the ODI & T20 sides. There can be no other explanation.

    North’s problem is that he mixes fantastic knocks (SA, Cardiff, Edgbaston) with innings where he looks like he wouldn’t know how to score a run (Lords, the entire Pakistan one-day series).

  7. Jonathan says:

    North, Katich (again), Clarke and Ponting will all get dropped before Hussey…

  8. AJ says:

    Hahaha Pakenham

  9. Yes, JRod, I too remember reading that particular article (having been redirected from Cricinfo Surfer) and I couldn’t help but scoff at it….like Sahil said, North is the Aussie Colly….always in fear of getting dropped even though he plays consistently well….I can still remember that about 2 test after Colly made that amazing century in India, people were saying that ‘he’s playing for his place’! Hah, what hogwash!