The shame

I, Jrod, now have a worse captaincy record than Ricky Ponting and Karen Rolton.

I am Australia’s worst captain.

I lost the toss, I injured my opening bowler, sorry Ariadne, my team dropped catches, I didn’t bowl out my spinners, I opened with rusty old medium pacers rather than steady off spin.

It was terrible.

The on the wound had to be the fact that the England team out fielded us.

By some way.

They hardly miss fielded, even taking catches off no balls, and we dropped at least 3 catches that I can remember.


I did bowl ok, not great, but probably better than my recent stuff.

I took 1-20 off 3, including a miss fielded 4, yes Tim I remembered that.

My one wicket was the one and only suave, who was looking like a sartorial porn star in his silk shirt, panama hat and silk cravat. 

I got one above his eyes and he danced down and tried to slog sweep it, missing it and getting stumped.

Luckily for him he also got me out, with what we both agree was a nipple high full toss that I smacked to the deep midwicket fielder and was not a no ball, even though two balls later one was called.  No, I am not bitter.

I’d like to thank everyone who played, donated and helped out.

Especially those Aussies who came to the game, thank you very much.

The game was a great experience, but it will be my last attempt at organising a cricket match.

I will play in them, but no more organising, that is hard work.

I can now announce I have been named captain of the Australian team to play in the Elstow Ashes.

Whether they picked me based on this result I am unsure.

I would especially like to thank The Village Cricketer for all his efforts in making this game a triumph.

Just a shame he had to bowl well.

For all the details and scorecard go to the village cricketer, or you can read Jacques Kidd’s write up.

If you would like to donate go here. And please do.

Thanks to Judi for supporting me again even though I lost.


0 thoughts on “The shame

  1. The Skiver says:

    Sorry that I couldn’t make it down. Pressures of work and all that. And I would’ve been supporting the other side, of course…

  2. Did anyone ‘call for’ [(c) s. law] the mongoose?

  3. D Charlton says:

    Andrew Miller of Cricinfo did indeed call for the Mongoose – he hit some boundaries and, weirdly, induced three drop catches and some hideous mis-fielding with the Mongoose. It was all very eventful.

  4. Jrod, thanks for helping to make it such a successful event. We’ve raised more than a grand already, and there is more money to come. Shame you didn’t get hold of Thommo before Monday, he’d have boosted your pace attach

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