Shahid Afridi is freaky sexy god.

We all know this.

He plays the same way in all forms of cricket, like an acid freak in a children’s playground.

This is glorious in test cricket; he throws cucumber sandwiches at red cheeked old wankers and then sleeps with their daughters.

In one day cricket he brings a wig and make up and clowns his way around as the game chugs on mechanically behind him.

But in 2020, the game is that made for everyone to be like Afridi, he doesn’t stand out like he should.

There are heaps of crazy sloggers, and every team has part time spinners.

This seemed to bug him.

So instead of being Afridi like, he decided to grow up, and play proper innings, and start bowling like a real leggie.

That is shocking.

I don’t want Afridi to be grown up.

He should be inconsistent, he should tear at the panties of random women, he is not made to be the go to guy.

He is the party player, but 2020 cricket has destroyed this.

Afridi was the player of the tournament (forget what the statistical minded numb skulls decided) and that is not right.

This game that was meant to showcase reckless slogging.

Instead it turned our magnificent marauding motherfucker into a dependable big occasion player.

Seems a shame.

But then you see Afridi smile, flick his hair, and motion to the crowd, moving his head around like a very excitable puppy.

You don’t care what form of cricket this is, or what sort of cricket he has played to get this adulation, you are just happy to watch him be lauded.

Well done, sir.

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0 thoughts on “afridi

  1. Q says:

    Well done indeed! To Afridi and you for this piece!

    It feels fucking awesome!

    Q’s last blog post..Hot, Not, and Needs to be Rethought! (ICC T20 2009 edition)

  2. batting in ned kelly's helmet says:

    Wow J, have you and Gideon got a bet on to see who can come up with the most, and the most obscure, reasons why T20 is no good? Or did he make you promise to bag T20 in exchange for the foreword?

  3. Eddie says:

    “Afridi was the player of the tournament (forgot what the statistical mind numb skulls decided) and that is not right.” That is indeed not right J-rod as Dilshan was player of the tournament so all is well!

    • jrod says:

      Eddie, Afridi was the player of the tournament, he might not have been it officially, hence the bracketed (forget what the statistical minded numb skulls decided) part, but he was the best player, Dilshan may have the trophy, but Afridi was the best player in this tournament.

  4. do you think there has ever been a celebration in cricket better than the afridi point and posture?

    karachikhatmal’s last blog post..Phallic Phallacies

  5. Q says:

    KK, I think not!

    Eddie, Afridi deserved to be the player of the tournament.

    Q’s last blog post..Why Younis Khan’s Retirement is Perfectly Timed

  6. Lou says:

    Karachi, no there hasn’t. I love that point and slightly crazed look before he breaks into a big kid’s smile.

  7. Eddie says:

    Man of the tournament should be consistently kick ass through out the tournament so
    Dilshan was deservedly man of the tournament as it was his performance that meant Sri Lanka won their games where as Afridi was crap at the start of the tournament.

  8. Mimo says:

    LOL everytime I read one of your posts complimenting Inzamam or Afridi or whatever, the classic Afridi speech comes to mind
    “All praise is to my dear God the MIGHTIEST OF ALL!”