Buchanan is in the news, here comes an angry leggie

Everyone knew that when John Bhooka Naan was given a job by the poms Shane Warne was going to pipe up, he is as predictable as he is good.

But how many people thought Stuart MacGill would as well?

“John Buchanan’s mantra has always been that if the players look after themselves, the results will look after themselves,”

“In 2005, Australia had a very, very good side, all they needed to do was tailor-make a game plan, and we didn’t. We didn’t spend any time on their players or conditions.”

“What won England the Ashes in 2005 was their bowling, and if you look at it now, we got (bowling coach) Troy Cooley and they got John Buchanan.”

“Troy Cooley won England the Ashes and John Buchanan lost it for us.”

“I don’t begrudge Buck for trying to make a living, but his coaching record in England isn’t crash hot. He lost the Ashes and had a stint with Middlesex that also didn’t work out.”

The best bit about all this isn’t that MacGill has come out against Buchs, it’s that he did so in the Murdoch press.

How angry must he be at Buchanan to speak to them.

Perhaps it is because he didn’t get a game that series…

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