for shizzle

SLA gives us a lyrical entry to the competition. It is not an Aussie Haiku though.

CWB used to be informed, witty and good
the neutral side was where CWB stood
Stirring up shit was guaranteed
acting like an obnoxious weed

But in recent times CWB has sold his soul
WG thinks it’s no more than toilet roll
CWB has illustrated to lalit that there are $ to be made
so Lalit puts a 7minute break into his IPL crusade
A game that pauses after every 15 seconds of action
is even more filled with ads, much to my dissatisfaction

CWB is a whore. And a self-abusing whore at that
Advertising and self-flagellation go tit-for-tat
Shameless plugging of his crap wares
CWBs commercialisation brings me to tears

Unabated love for leg spin
the doosara is banned herein
overrated Vics; Nannes and bryce
plenty of man love. That was nice
Oh how CWB used to sizzle
Snoops opinion on CWB was “fo shizzle”
But CWB has made cricket all shares and stocks
And don’t hyper-link this to your book you cuntox.


0 thoughts on “for shizzle

  1. Steve says:

    too right!