a night out

Imagine you are a cricket cult figure/leader.

In your (recent) past you were a bit of a bad boy.

You haven’t touched the booze in over a hundred days.

Now you are offered a contract to play for cricket team owned by an alcohol merchant.

When you get to South Africa, you and the other players enter fantasia, and quickly you realise this isn’t a professional cricket tournament, it’s an entertainment package.

You find it hard to fire up for the games.

The truth is you couldn’t give a fuck about your performances.

And one night you get bored in your hotel, you and your mate have just watched Bill & Ted for the 5th time.

You decide to go out and take in the sights.

Somehow you end up in a bar.

The drinks flow, you partake in a few, and before long you’re having a great time.

Perhaps with your 100 day absence from the beverages, you get a little drunker than you remember, and others have to help you home.

Even though it’s a slow night out for you, it makes the news.

But really, when it comes to Jesse, would we want it any other way?

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0 thoughts on “a night out

  1. Dave says:

    I’m not sure how anyone could get bored with Bill and Ted.

  2. jamie64 says:

    If only our own South Australia Jesse could be as interesting.

    Cosgrove is simply fat.

  3. damiths says:

    When you become a cult leader you have to put up with this kind of business.

    I think Jesse kinda likes it.

  4. batting in ned kelly's helmet says:


    Cosgrove has enormous potential. Eating, drinking, mouthing-off, trouble with women. Cossie could be something really special, more newsworthy than Jesse and Roy put together, because he’s go something that is normally only reserved for footballers.

    He is thick as a bucket of shit.

  5. Leg Break says:


    Believe me, Jesse does not crave the attention. He just wants to get pissed.

    It was not a night out. It was a night in. But apparently that’s a story these days.

    Who’s this Cosgrove guy? Never heard of him.