Dirk van Nannes

The Dutch team has finally been announced, and there is our boy, Dirty Dutch Dirk.

The only other player i know is Essex’s Ryan ten Doeschate, who is a handy all rounder.

This is my team for the world t20 thingy, fuck Australia.

If they don’t want Dirk, I don’t want them.

Squad: Jeroen Smits (capt & wk), Peter Borren, Mudassar Buhkari, Tom De Grooth, Maurits Jonkman, Alexei Kervezee, Dirk Nannes, Ruud Nijman, darren Reekers, Edgar Schiferli, Pieter Seelaar, Eric Szwarczynski, Ryan ten Doeschate, Dan van Bunge, Bas Zuiderent

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0 thoughts on “Dirk van Nannes

  1. Homer says:

    So the Victorian bowling lineup. minus Peter Siddle , is made up of foreigner imports.. Who would have thunk?


    • jrod says:

      H, the vic bowling line up is born and bred Australians, and by that I mean, Pattinson never plays for them and Dirk was born in Victoria.

      Raj, first game against the England, should be awesome.

      Q, you can go from minnow to major in a day, but you have to wait three years to come back.

  2. Prafs says:

    fuck! that beastly man is fuckin awesome.
    I’m goin dutch this t20 thingy,
    India is definitely the second team i’m supporting now.
    GO! Dirty Dutch Daredevil Dirk!!

  3. raj says:

    I heard England is in Netherlands’ group in WC T20. Is destiny onto something here?
    (But knowing that I have thought it aloud, it is not going to happen anymore, and England will prevail over the dutch. Hope Dirk gives them a scare at the least.)

  4. Alok says:


    Don’t be so sure. England’s sole victory at the 2007 edition came thanks to a Pietersen blitz. Take away that one contribution and Zimbabwe would have rolled over England.

    With Dirty Dirk in their side, (and England being England), the odds are in favour of the Dutch.

  5. Q says:

    This means he can never play for Australia.. true? I think for 3 years he surely can’t… this also means that Dirk will play ODI cricket for Netherlands.. they got ODI status.. it also means Dirk will play in the next ODI world cup and possible even face the Aussies!

  6. Leg Break says:

    I’d check through the team properly before making such a big call Jrod.

    I don’t know, but normally these Dutch sides have a reasonably strong South African connection.

  7. David Barry says:

    Q, players can go from associate to full member any time they like – it’s how the Irish lose all their good players to England.

  8. adverbin says:

    Any chance at all of watching Dirk having a go at Punter & Co.?

  9. Dhananjay Mhatre says:

    The Dutch have got to have the most interesting names in the T20 World Cup.

    Bas Zuiderent is still playing? He had come to India in ’96 and was the youngest player then. Now he must be the oldest.

    I would really enjoy if Nannes destroys some reputations and the Aussie bowlers lose the plot.

  10. Sid says:

    this Dutch team seems to pull the crowds with a simple grandpa Joe’s principle “All for ONE, ONE for all”. Not very hard to see who that is.. :)

  11. David Barry says:

    Dhananjay, Zuiderent is only 32, younger than Jeroen Smits by several years.

    adverbin, Holland and Australia are in different groups, so they’d both have to make the Super Eights to play each other. Holland would have to upset at least one of England and Pakistan in the group stage. (And Australia would have to beat the Windies and Sri Lanka – no sure bet obviously in T20.)

  12. David Barry says:

    That didn’t come out right – Australia doesn’t necessarily have to beat both WI and SL, but they’ll have to win at least one.

  13. Sid says:

    a bleak prospect wat so ever!

  14. Q says:

    Just realised that the Dutch are in the same pool as Pakistan… I fear Dirk picking up a 5-for and sending us packing home…

  15. Dhananjay Mhatre says:

    @Barry – Thanks for the clarification.
    I pick the Dutch to do an Ireland in the TT World Cup.

  16. Sunny says:

    england are going home early for sure. luckily they won’t have to go very far.

  17. Aashrey says:

    GO DIRK!

  18. Sunny says:

    now gideon haigh thinks dirty is the fakeIPLplayer!

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