Old Dogs

Prince Brendon may have started last years IPL with a full frontal assualt on the crowd, but this year the old dudes and an untouchable dog started us off.

Sachin chipped away a 50 odd.

Hayden followed that up by top scoring for the sooper dooper kings.

Next game the old guys really came out.

Rahul (still not a 2020 player, but still classy when his team is falling apart) top scored and pretty much kept Bangalore from collapse.

Warne was probing like a motherfucker too, some of his balls wouldn’t have looked out of place in his best of.

Anil didn’t like being overshadowed and popped in with 5 wickets as the tail fell apart.

The cricket was scrappy, there was always something in it for the bowlers, a great collapse by last year’s champsions and a leg spin master class.

It was a proper cricket day, with 10 minute ad breaks.

Jesse looks hot in red as well.

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0 thoughts on “Old Dogs

  1. ceci says:

    Loved it – total tackiness – especially liked Mark Nicholas having to hold the IPL Magazine up whist Ravi Shastri tried to wheedle us into buying it. Loved Fred and Haydoes thundering up and down the pitch together being bowled at by Bhaji and the newly shorn Slinga. Loved Jesse’s bowling and Dravid hitting sixes. Loved the desperate wide smiles of the girls wanting to be picked out for a spot in a Bollywood movie as promised by Lalit.. loved the Bollywood puppets posing and pouting throughout, loved the difficulty Ronnie Irani had when trying to comment when the dancing girls were on during the ad breaks – loved that we didn’t drown under adverts too. Loved the booing for KP – that’s the way to get him going for England – boo the bugger! But tomorrow is Real Cricket – Durham versus Yorks – commentary online….choices! choices!

  2. miriam says:

    i loved it also. and think jesse looks hot in everything – he’s totes on my laminated list.

    I need to host an IPL party, I think.

  3. The city is called ‘Kolkata’, and please do a similar post on the Kings XI.