The IPL Ad Break- Brought to you buy Pepsi, DLF, and Lalit Modi’s smile.

Frankly I am shocked.

I thought the IPL was a principled cricket league that believed in more than just the money.

Ok no one will say that.

The powers that Bcci, are just not content with merely adding advertising to the commentary, they have decided to add a 7.5 minute ad break to each innings.

L Ron (Big Al Stanford) must be pissed he never thought of his.

The over rates in last years IPL were dreadful, a supposed 3 hour game pushed to 4 repeatedly, can’t see how adding an ad’s break will speed that up.

Probably wont be good for the hamstrings on the older players either, 7 and a half minutes standing around in that brisk autumn air, and then diving for a ball at mid wicket.

But if the do tear a hamstring, the IPL can then superimpose an ad for deep heat onto the hamstring during the replays.

Hopefully the time will be used wisely, 5 minutes of advertising followed by a public service announcement about the health problems cricketers can face when they share boxes.

There are still several advertising options the IPL hasn’t thought of.

The best would would be giving players a name sponsor.

SMS datechat Shane Warne sends one down.

DC Comics Gatuam Gambhir is looking super today.

That is a huge one from Viagra’s Chris Gayle.

What a rip snorter from Columbia’s Shoaib Ahktar.

A divine shot from Catholic Church Matthew Hayden.

See, Lalit, you can do way more.

You can even put sticky take on the players faces, although some players do that for free.

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0 thoughts on “The IPL Ad Break- Brought to you buy Pepsi, DLF, and Lalit Modi’s smile.

  1. Jay says:

    That depresses and disappoints me for some reason, considering that it was inevitable.

  2. ceci says:

    Reckon they thought the players would welcome some respite in the searing heat and smog of the cities …. (watched a reprise yesterday on Setanta of last year’s winners – couldn’t get over the conditions… but I’m English and anything over 16 degrees is HOT.)

    Am sure pecuniary advancement was not in their thoughts at all

  3. […] based on the very essence of fast paced, continuous action of T20 cricket. Q from Wellpitched and JRod from Cricket-With-Balls have also pointed out that this could have an effect on the player’s […]

  4. damiths says:

    The time of strategic time outs cant be too far away now.

  5. Leg Break says:

    It will be interesting to

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    see how much this intrudes on the flow

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    of the matches.

  6. David Barry says:

    I like how they’re calling it a ‘tactical’ time-out. Volleyball doesn’t pretend so much – they call them ‘technical’ time-outs.

  7. Apparently Modi has brought in some new rules…$20000 fine for the captain for the first time over rates are breached, $20000 for all 11 members of the team for the second offense, $360000 fine to be shared by the whole team and a ban for the captain for one match for the third offense…neat ‘innit?

  8. Suave says:

    The reason he’s brought those fines in, is that they’ve also agreed to get 2000secs of advertising in GAME TIME! that’s 33mins. He can’t have those pesky captains messing round with tactics when he’s got find half an hours extra revenue per match.