Oram the Saviour??

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There has been much talk over the last few days, including from Daniel Vettori that the answer to New Zealand’s batting woes is Jacob Oram.

We crunch the numbers and just can’t see it.

How we remember that century at the Gabba. In 2004. We remember that century in South Africa, and we even remember the most recent test saving knock at Lords. But that was in the middle of May last year, and we just can not find anything since to indicate that Oram is the answer.

When you take off those rose coloured glasses you can’t help get the feeling that this would be the ultimate case of a player being picked on reputation rather than facts.

We like Oram, and we agreed he has that Perfect Boyfriend aspect to him. But over the last year he hasn’t really been the perfect boyfriend ; he’s been more of an absentee lover.

Not that NZ is overly endowed with batsmen with more than a couple of test centuries under their belt, but lets look at Oram’s batting record since that century at Lords in May last year, and see if it sets him up for test cricket against Ishant, Harbijan and co.

Facts, not emotion and fond memories.

Test Matches
As strange as it may seem, Oram has actually played test cricket in the last 10 months.

v England, 2nd test
38 and 7

v England, 3rd test
7 and 50*

v Bangladesh, 1st test
0 and 8*

The 8* took 35 balls and involved a dropped dolly and a missed run-out.

So that’s a grand total of 110 runs at 27.5 against not necessarily the world’s best attacks.

ODI Matches
v. England; matches 4 and 5
38 and 52.

Good effort. He missed the first 3 matches through injury in case that needed any clarification.

v. Bangladesh; all 3 matches
That’s right. All 3 matches; against Bangladesh.

57, 75* and 3.

v. West Indies; matches 1, 2 and 3

Missed the last 2 matches.

v. India; All 5 matches
Who’s watching Jake?

0, 7 and 1.

The 7 (off 11) was in the 2nd highest scoring ODI ever.

So over that period that’s a total of 258 runs.

T20 Matches
2 v West Indies and 2 v India
13, 9, 29*, 0

That’s 51 runs in the format of the game some cynics suggest may well be his current focus.

Domestic 1st Class Cricket
Yup, he’s even played some of that. This week in fact, on the same pitch that Canterbury racked up 493.

One innings; 11 runs.

So, since the middle of May last year in all forms of the game Oram has amassed a total of 430 runs.

And although it is a bit misleading to incorporate the various forms of the game, that’s at an average of around 27.

What other player in world cricket would get rushed back into a side with so few runs under the belt? A player who hasn’t scored a 50 in any form of the game since 11th October last year.

Where his highest score in 10 innings since then has been 29*.

When on song, he has been a classy No. 6 batsman. But he’s needed time in the middle to get into that song. And since May of 2008 he just had not had that time in the middle, and to suggest he could come back now and somehow turn his own fortunes around, not to mention New Zealand’s would be like suggesting he won’t break again some time over the next few months.

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0 thoughts on “Oram the Saviour??

  1. Sid says:

    Tell anyone outside of Kiwi-land Oram is considered a genuine batter in ur team, and spread a few laughs around. Its like claiming KP, Puppy Clarke are frontline spinners for their teams. Oram is a good hitter and has always been. Sure he got tons in crucial situations and good ones. Like the old Indian myth of Irfan be sent at no.3 cos he can bat is BULLSH**. I like Oram cos like many said earlier is a perfect boyfriend :D an ASSet to the team which can fall apart quite easily! So i hope Dan finds a better more solid solution to their batting woes!

  2. Leg Break says:

    Update: Oram out for 3 today out of a score of 376/5 at time of writing.

    BTW, I thought Pup was a front line spinner for his (national) team.

  3. Sunny says:

    i miss irfan…

  4. alex says:

    Irfan pathan is perrenial indian bowler who play for income and just do enough to stay in the team.

    I hate half baked guys who won’t put their 150% everytime. Same thing with munaf. These guys play well only if you tell them they will be kicked out the team if they do not perform.

    Irfan pathan can’t bat or bowl. I am more concern about his low quality bowling. Mainly because he bowls too flat and batsman easily pick the length. Same with RP singh. It is because they deliver the ball in straight line because they do not bend their back when they deliver. Irfan pathan is ideal player for woman team.

    Without sehwag , indian team is crap!. Ya dhoni captaicy accentuate sehwag in someway with go for broke license given to GOD.